Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

Are you a parent of multiple children and are looking for a stroller that will hold up pretty well in numerous adventures, trails and still serve as the perfect baby jogger? The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger fits the bill quite succinctly. It is uniquely designed to handle the outdoors and to hold up whenever put to challenging terrains.

It’s certainly functional as a stroller and performs exceptionally as a baby jogger. Lightweight, quick folding, compact size, and comfortable for the kids. This stroller is just lovable in every sense of it.

The thing I love most about this baby jogger is the ridiculously affordable price. For a buggy with uncompromising quality and unforgiving durability, this stroller sure does offer more value for the money. It is uniquely designed to be comfortable for the kids and high functional for the parent. To think that it goes for a price under – without skimping on premium features and quality- this buggy sure does surpass any parent’s expectations.

This review of the Baby trend expedition double jogger covers my experience with the stroller as a mother and as an avid jogger and explorer. I hope it will help you get a stroller for your outdoors adventure…I’ll let it out there that I highly recommend this buggy.

Features of the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This buggy certainly makes any parent’s job easier while on the trail or when taking a jog with the kids. It offers great comfort for the twins or sibling of close age. For the parent, there are plenty of convenient features. Here are some of the features you will love about this buggy.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review
Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

When it comes to maneuverability, Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger stroller truly impresses. I love that it can go anywhere you take it. Whether it is on the paved road or on rough terrain in the trails this buggy will hold up pretty well.

It offers a smooth ride that the kids will appreciate for its comfort and parents for its ease of pushing. Front swivel lockable wheel makes the buggy turn with remarkable agility and glide smooth; as if in the air.

The suspension on the wheels makes it roll smoothly over bumpy terrains. Pneumatic, all-terrain, 16” wheels, and air-filled bicycle tires will roll right along with you whether you are running errands in the city or jogging along a trail.

Stable Frame, Quality Fabric

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

This Double Jogger is designed to carry two kids of up to 50 pounds each. Total passenger weight (minus cargo weight) is 100lbs! And it’s a light stroller. Amazing, isn’t it?

For the buggy to hold up that much and still remain lightweight is truly remarkable. It’s made of a lightweight frame that is durable and stable. The stroller itself features a 3 wheel drivetrain that makes it sturdy, even when on the move.

For the price, manufacturers did not skimp on the quality of the fabric for this stroller. The seats and canopy are made of high performance quality fabric that is easy to wash. Both durability and quality features make Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger stroller last long and stay in the family for the long haul.

Comfortable, Reclining Seats

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

With dual seats for two children, Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger double sure was designed for the growing family. Comfort and safety for the kids is taken care of.

Seats are nicely padded to make the ride relaxing and comfortable. The kids love their time in the buggy. 5-point harness secures them well in their seats when going for a jog. It allows ‘freedom for movement’ yet the kids cannot get out of the hold of the harnesses.

Even the sneakiest kid will find it hard to find a way out of it. Seats recline independently and make it comfortable for the kids while they’re asleep in the buggy. There is a sun canopy that shields the kids from the sun.

Collapses Quickly and Compactly

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

You cannot help but love how this buggy folds easily, quickly and compactly. Most side by side strollers have a compact fold, but this Baby Trend has an extra to it. It collapses quickly and can be folded using a single hand.

While most strollers have an easy folding system, but require getting used to, this buggy is pretty straightforwardly simple. It collapses in two easy folds. There is no learning curve to it.

Transport and storage is making easy thanks to its lightness and compactness. The buggy is certainly light to lift to the trunk of the car ND transporting to the garage for storage isn’t a pain.

Storage for the Adventure

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

Whenever you have to hit the road with your stroller and the kids, you need to have with you several essential things. What would you not leave when you are out for a stroll with the kids? A diaper bag? Wipes? Water?

Well, this buggy comes with ample storage to cover both you and the kids for the adventure.

There is a large storage unit under the seats of the stroller. This is the main storage option. Here you can put your large diaper bag, and still have much room left for other essentials. When you have packed everything and everyone is psyched for the day’s adventure, you are good for the road.

Easy on the Budget

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

This lightweight stroller comes durable, comfortable and functional. It will certainly satisfy any parent of twins or siblings of close age for its convenience features. The children will enjoy the buggy for its comfort and parents for its functionality.

Well, no lie that it’s a practical stroller. It’s the ideal stroller to take the kids along on daily activities. All these features are well and good. The thing that really hit me about this stroller is its ridiculously low price on the tag.

It’s really hard to find a budget stroller that comes feature packed like this baby trend does. And the manufacturers do not skimp on the durability or quality of Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger stroller. Pretty amazing!

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger – Video


  • Durable frame and quality fabric.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • 3-wheel drivetrain makes it stable.
  • Fort swivel lockable wheels for great maneuverability.
  • 12” (front) and 16” (rear), pneumatic, air filled rubber tires are good for any terrain.
  • Comfortable, reclining seats with five point harness.
  • Rear wheel foot activated parking brakes renders the buggy immobile.
  • Sun canopy protects the kids from the sun.
  • Collapses quickly, easily and compactly for transport and storage.
  • Ample storage available.
  • It’s a stroller and a jogger.


  • Handlebar is not adjustable.

Features at a Glance

  • Storage Basket Beneath Seat.
  • Rotating Canopy, Peekaboo Window.
  • Built-in Organizer Tray for Parent.
  • 2 Built-in Cup Holders for Parent.
  • Ergonomic Handle, Flame Retardant.
  • Foot-activated Dual-rear Parking Brake.
  • 5-point Harness.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches.
  • Item Weight: 25 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 37.4 pounds.
  • Item model number: DJ96181
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 25 Pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 45 Pounds.
  • Batteries required: No.
  • ASIN: B00LVMM72A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this stroller a jogger?

A: It’s a great stroller for the expeditions. It’s also a jogger. Great versatility and functionality.

Q: What is the max weight this stroller can hold?

A: The stroller can hold up to 100 lbs in passenger weight.

Final Verdict

This buggy was built for the challenge. It is a true outdoors stroller…and a great jogger for that matter. If you are an avid jogger or a fitness enthusiast, you have this buggy just for you. It is great for families with multiple children who love to explore the outdoors.

As a parent, you will love it for its versatility, incontestability and functionality. The kids will appreciate its comfort and safety. It’s a great buggy for all. It is certainly convenient and practical. You will not regret having this stroller as your first.

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