Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn – Buying Guide 2020

Today’s market is full of different types and designs of best double pram for toddler and newborn. Be careful not to be duped since there are both authentic and counterfeit products that are on sale on the streets, in-store and online shopping sites. Always be keen and strive to get value for every single cent you spend on any product. Am sure you know that fake models of these baby carriages are out for sale.

Watch out! Your sources of information can lead you to solve your problem, or you could be spreading your death bed. Be careful on who tells you what because your speculation may end not meeting your expectations. Some have venomous tongues. Liars! Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have pages that sell these double prams for newborns and toddlers. The pictures they use to advertise might not be their own.

I had a chance to take time and get a list of the top double pram for toddler and newborn, and I am excited that the feedback I got from parents was worth my toil. I hope it will be useful to you as well. You will get help on how to choose the best dual carriage for your children. This list has twin prams that are currently in the market. Do not worry yourself so much. No manufacturer will speak negatively about their product. They all want high sales. They all want to make money and keep it flowing. Exercise intelligence. All prams are alleged to be very super. Do not fall for this.

Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn Comparison:

Just before I list and explain the double pram for toddlers and newborns that are top in the market today, let me give you a hint on what to consider before buying any dual carriage for your infants and toddlers. A pram becomes best when it fully fits your budget, needs and your lifestyle. If you put in mind the point below, then there is no doubt that you will order the right buggy for your little ones.

5 Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn in 2020

With all this in hand, you are a step away from purchasing the best twin stroller for your children. Below are some of the best double pram for toddler and newborn in the market today:

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

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It is a comfortable outdoor ride for two, plus you. This DuoGlider Connect Stroller is the best for a growing family. The pram is super light in weight and babies can lie in a stadium like the style so that the child at the back, preferably a toddler is slightly raised than the one at the front who should be a newborn. You can recline both seats to facilitate comfort to your little ones.

The buggy comes with a rotating canopy, a unique feature and a foot rest for toddlers. This pram also accepts car seats for infants. Very easy to use since you can fold it with one hand fast! The dual carriage has a storage basket that is large and a parent's tray with two cup holders for small items. The front swivel wheels on it that lock with suspension provide superior ability to manoeuvre in crowds and stores and big cities. You want something that doesn’t go out of style and still trendy; this is the right choice. The solid neutral grey and black colours make it look striking and stay in style all through.

Features at a Glance

  • Stadium style sitting position
  • Reclining seats
  • Rotating canopy
  • Storage basket
  • Parent tray and cup holders
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Accepts two infant car seats
  • No batteries needed
  • Accommodates maximum recommended weight of 40 pounds
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

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You want a perfect double pram for your growing family; then this one is the perfect one to use. I love the fact that one can use it for many years from infancy to toddlers as well as growing children. In this one, one child can ride at the front while the other uses the back seat. Talk of versatility, the newborn can sleep as the toddlers stand or sit.

The extended canopies provide excellent protection from the sun rays for these little ones on travel. The buggy can be movable when older children are ready to ride along. You do not want to lose your phone and other valuables. This dual carriage for newborns and toddlers come with cup holders for parents to keep their personals safe. You do not need to worry where to place another baby stuff you want to carry along. 

The stroller has a seat storage basket where you can put everything you need to use while out and about with your young ones. The good news is that the rear seat is removable to convert into a traditional model of Sit N Stand. The maximum weight of this item is 34 pounds. The double pram is metallic and doesn’t use batteries.

Features at a Glance

  • Portable pram
  • No batteries
  • Accepts two car seats for infants
  • Large basket for storage
  • Removable tray
  • Cup holders for parent items
  • Removable rear seat
  • Broad canopies
J is for Jeep Brand Scout Double Stroller

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J is for Jeep brand is perfect for parents who love doing outdoor activities since it enhances expression and is a symbol of freedom. You can always go out on an adventure anytime no matter the weather. The pram has a European style canopy that protects your newborns or toddlers from the scorching sun. The pram has a lightweight design that fits through standard stores. Don’t be afraid to walk into any store with your children.

The position recline on each seat enables you to adjust the seat to suit the needs of each child. The compact fold allows easy storage. You can put it in the car boot easily. The 5 point harness ensures safety for your little ones. This best double pram for toddler and newborn has shoulder pads and material that are reflective to make sure that the world quickly sees your children, especially during night walks. A parent cup holder and rear canopy storage bags make this carriage distinct. The wheels on it have a front swivel and suspension system.

Features at a Glance

  • No batteries needed
  • Double rare canopy bags
  • Parent cup holder
  • Extensive European style canopies
  • Shoulder pads with reflective material
  • Multi-position recline seats
  • Front swivel suspension systems
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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This trend navigator double jogger has a design that enhances safety and comfort to your babies and is ideal for two children. This jogger pram is perfect especially if you have twins in your home. This pram can accommodate two infant car seats and come with multi-position reclining seats that provide comfort for your babies while you go out to jog. More so, you are sure of safety because it has a 5 point harness.

The canopies on it offer lots of shade to your newborns or toddlers. The carriage has lockable front swivels and comes with a cup holder and two trays where you can put snacks on them for your children to have while out. Do your babies love music? This buggy has an inbuilt mp3 plug and speaker to keep your kids entertained. You do not want to be moving on the streets and in stores with a bored sulky baby. The pram is easy to transport and store when using a vehicle since it has a trigger folding that quickly collapses the navigator. The seats on are recyclable and padded to offer comfort to the two children.

Features at a Glance

  • Accommodates infant car seat
  • Storage basket available
  • Padded and reclinable car seats
  • Locking front wheel swivels
  • Parent tray and cup holders
  • No batteries needed
  • Ratchet canopies
Maclaren Denim Twin Triumph Stroller

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Fashion lovers should not be worried of how they will travel with their babies. This buggy is just for you. The rich indigo denim keeps you in style all through. There is a guarantee that you are purchasing durable product since its fabric is double stitched and has back pockets to throw in a few personal items like phones wallets and car keys baby stuff like ear buds pacifiers and baby wipes.

The carriage is relatively light in weight having a constant weight of 22lb and is very suitable for newborns and children up to 110 lb. The seats have a multi-position recline and a support cushion for the newborn or toddlers back and careful not to break their brittle necks. The good thing is that you can operate the seats independently. The double stroller has a premium wind resistant rain cover which is a unique feature that makes it stand out.

You don’t want to get worried when it starts to drizzle in the streets. The sun canopies are full to protect against hot sun rays. You will get an inbuilt storage basket on the purchase. Do not be afraid to bring along a few baby stuff. You can do self-repairs on this stroller since it comes with self-service replaceable parts.

Features at a Glance

  • Multi-position recline seat
  • Waterproof sun canopies
  • Wind resistant rain cover
  • Inbuilt storage pockets
  • Support cushion
  • Four wheel suspension
  • Target gender is unisex
  • No batteries needed

Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn

Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn

Your Expected Budget

Whatever your preference is, there is a dual carriage out there that fits within your proposed budget and lifestyle. You don’t have to get into debt just to have a comparable one like that of your next door neighbor. Double strollers are costly. But the best twin pram isn’t a bomb to pay for; the market has some cheap and very efficient models to choose from if you want to get one.

How Safe I the Pram is

Consider choosing a double buggy that a higher harnessing point for the children’s safety. Babies are priceless. It should be sufficient to keep the child safe from some elements in their environment. Ultraviolet rays and the hot sun can cause harm to the young skin of the little ones. These rays are hazardous. Is the carriage lead-free? Toddlers love to put anything close to their mouths. Their health is more important as their comfort.

Tandem or Side by Side Stroller

Always put in mind your needs and wants. What type of stroller do you want? Is it a side by side pram which’s hard to move around with because it is too broad or a tandem? There are tandem strollers that allow positioning of the two children to face each other.

The Features of the Twin Pram

Looking at the features before making a choice is very important. A basket at the bottom to drop in small sized baby items is good. The wheels should be durable, and the buggy should have brakes to make you stop with ease. The handles too are an essential part that you have to put into consideration. How easy can you fold the pram and how heavy is it?

Don't Get Attracted Easily

Many nights pass because you are sleepless trying to crack your head on where exactly to find that double stroller that suits your needs. What you decide on may not be what your spouse wants for your children. Slowly this is brewing a disagreement. It is normal. It happens all the time. Why not go out window shopping together to see if you can find the best you can afford? Mothers, let our men help us think and decide.

When you walk into a baby shop or store and straight to the pram section, believe me, you will be overwhelmed by the various models and design of these double buggies. You become spoilt for choice. Different prices, colours and brands are all on products under one roof. Do not get a design just because you want one that resembles that of your girlfriend’s toddler. Always remember to get your requirements right first before making a final decision.

Newborn to Toddler Stage

Are you putting to bed soon or do you have babies in very close range? A child is a gift and a blessing. Bringing up these kids until they become independent can be an uphill task. Parenting is like going on a journey. Having twins who have just been born or who are a bit older makes responsibility double. Doing your daily chores becomes extremely difficult. Owning one of the best double pram for toddler and newborn is the ultimate solution to this problem of coordination you are experiencing daily. Movement around the compound, in the fields for nature time or in the city to shop is now smooth. You do not have to postpone clinic visits or cancel appointments with the pediatrician because the nanny is unwell and there is no one to help you carry the lovely young ones. Having a double buggy for your toddler is an investment. Do not eat your head on how you are going to move around with both children.

You may be getting confused if a toddler is same as a newborn. Let me explain your doubts so that you know exactly how well to handle each baby. A toddler is a young child especially one who has recently learnt how to walk or is learning. What about a newborn? After birth, a baby is newborn young until they are one month old. Both children are still young and very delicate. You should always handle them with a lot of care when moving around lest you drop them on the floor. Young ones grow their muscles begin to grow. Slowly, they gain stability and can be able to turn, roll, topple and rapidly move their limbs. Such developmental processes bring lots of joy to the parents.

Best Double Pram for Toddler and Newborn - Videos

Final Verdict

There is no need to waste time. Make a decision and get the best pram for toddlers and newborns. Buy one that suits your needs. Learn how to keep your babies safe in it before leaving the pram store. If you are planning to use a stroller for your newborn, ensure the stroller can recline since newborns can't hold up their necks or sit up. Some prams fully recline or can be used on with a bassinet or an infant car seat. On the same hand, choose a stroller that provides an option for extending the canopies to provide protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays. The double carriage should have and head support so that your newborn and toddler lay in comfortably.

When using a car, have a stroller that comes with infant car seats children are sensitive to dust and dirt. They quickly fall sick. Remember to clean your baby carriages often and disinfect them to prevent your babies from contracting infections. Always ensure your stroller has a five-point harness that goes around your child's waist, over the shoulders and between the legs. You don’t want to risk your baby falling off the pram. They may get badly hurt. Check that the stroller has at least one or more parking breaks to facilitate stable stopping during movements. Put all bags underneath in the storage baskets to prevent the carriage from tripping over. Never hang them on handles. Make sure all folding mechanisms are locked securely to prevent your pram from collapsing.

As your babies grow and become more mobile, ensure you teach them not to stand or lean out of the pram as it is dangerous especially when using the same roads with motorists. Teach the toddlers that one seat is only for one child. Sharing is not allowed here. If your newborn or toddler falls asleep in the pram either watch over him or put the child away in a cot or is very dangerous to leave the unattended child t in a stroller. They might suffocate if pillows are lying in the buggies. When they wake up, and there is nobody around, they may wriggle and make the stroller tip over making you rush to the hospital. Tipping over is usually the most common cause of stroller-related injuries.

You cannot be too sure no matter how convincing the seller is when buying a pram. Remember to teach the children to put their finger and hands in folds since they may get trapped or pinched. Ouch! Newborns should be placed to lay flat in the dual carriages. The neck is still fragile and cannot support the head. Trying to sit them is so uncomfortable and damages their back and could be a lifetime problem. They can also topple you don't use the harness.

There is no harm if you use the pram correctly. Any faults that develop should get corrected immediately. You can opt to return the stroller to the store for repair or purchase another one if the damage is beyond repair. Stones do not grow. Babies do. Someone said change is inevitable. Your child's development process is important. When the baby outgrows a newborn pram, please shift them to one that is of their size and weight. Trying to squeeze them will make them uncomfortable and can get hurt. Provide enough sitting and sleeping space for them. Children love to move around.

Your baby's health should be a primary concern before purchasing a double pram for your toddler and newborn. Choose one that is already tested and certified to be free from lead. If your baby consumes this metal and it accumulates in their body, it can cause death. Do not make their lives short because of ignorance. Now that you have a list of some of the best double pram for toddler and newborn, the ball is in your cot.

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