Best Double Stroller for Twins in 2020 – Top 5 Models On Trend!

So are you expecting twins? Or maybe you’re already nursing them at home, and they are ready to go out and about. How exciting. Getting the best double stroller for twins is certainly something that you should consider as soon as possible. Most mums with twins have never regretted having a double stroller handy.

Double strollers come in many styles; ranging from tandem strollers and side-by-side strollers to sit-and-stand strollers. Regardless of your tastes and needs, there is a double stroller that will work for your twins. They are also great for kids that are close in age, maybe 1 or 2 years apart.

This article will dive more deeply into the double stroller for twins, as well as the advantages that double strollers have towards parents as they raise their children. Let’s get started.

Best Double Stroller for Twins Comparison:

5 Recommended Best Double Stroller for Twins in 2020

In this section, we will dive into specific double stroller brands and highlight the best options out there for you to choose. Here are 5 of the top double stroller for twins in the market.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

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Are you looking for a tandem double stroller? Parents desiring a tandem double stroller will derive great satisfaction from the Graco DuoGlider Connect. Its beautiful and sturdy design offers a stable base for your twins to ride on. It can also connect to two infant car seats, making the transition from the car to wherever you are going that much easier.

Both the front and back seat can comfortably recline, with each seat having a canopy and comfortable footrests. The front wheels can lock in place to control manoeuvrability, and the bottom compartment offers storage space for the parent's items.

The location of the storage compartment is what makes this double stroller additionally attractive. The storage space is located at the bottom of the stroller, on the rear of the back seat. You can quickly reach for your items, even when the baby is fully reclined and asleep in the back seat. It is therefore perfect for shopping trips, where you can continually reach in and out of the storage compartment without waking up the baby. The canopies are also independently adjustable, allowing you to match the needs of each toddler just how they like it.

Features at a Glance

  • Can fold into a one-hand operation when you need to move the stroller around
  • Seats placed such that the toddler in the back can still see through the front
  • Can conveniently fold into the trunk of your car
  • Build with solid aluminium framing to ensure stability
  • Has an extended bottom storage compartment and cup holders adjacent to the seats
  • Front wheels can lock in place to avoid unnecessary swiveling
  • Have one-touch brakes that give you full control of the stroller at all times
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

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Sit and stand double strollers are perfect for kids who have different personalities and levels of activity. Baby Trend had this in mind when designing their Sit and Stand Double Stroller. By default, both the front and back are seats, but the back seat can convert into a standing space for the more active toddler to hitch a ride on.

This feature makes the double stroller convenient for more than just twins. Even children who are close in age will love this stroller. The older child can stand and ride along, while the younger one takes a rest or catches up with a quick nap.

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller also has canopies on both seats to protect against the sun and rain. This stroller can also fold into a nice compact piece that can fit in the trunk of most cars, making it a best double stroller for twins. And when you decide to convert the back seat into standing room for your toddler, the extra storage space at the bottom of the stroller serves as an excellent place to store the removable parts of the stroller so that you do not lose them as you're out and about.

Features at a Glance

  • Can easily be steered with one hand
  • Contains cup holders for both toddlers and parents
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 50lbs
  • Made of a metal frame that is very stable, ensuring the safety of the standing toddler
  • Has storage space at the back, and the back seat is also removable for additional room for other items
Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

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One of the few double strollers that come, the Delta Children City Street Side-by-Side Double Stroller is one of the perfectly economical yet high-value strollers in the market. Its simple yet effective design gives it the portability and comfort that your twins deserve. It is indeed one of the most convenient double strollers in the market.

Each seat can hold up to 35lbs, and the front wheels can swivel up to 360 degrees with shock-absorbing capabilities. Each seat can also independently recline, and each footrest can also be adjusted irrespective of the other one. Is one of the kids ready for a nap while on the go? Just move their chair backwards while the other one remains to enjoy the scenery. It also has a bumper bar that the twins can hold onto when they are feeling playful.

This double stroller's portable design allows it to fit through 30inch doorways, regardless of the kids being right next to each other. The manufacturer also offers free replacement parts if you experience any difficulty with the stroller. In fact, Amazon delivers these alternatives quickly and efficiently to your doorstep. What's more? It folds into a compact umbrella frame that makes it perfect for travel. It is certainly among the best double stroller for twins out there.

Features at a Glance

  • Easily recline seats for added comfort
  • Additional storage space on the sides and rear of the stroller
  • Comes in a variety of colours you can choose from
  • Its frame is very light making the stroller highly portable
  • Has a rear compartment that contains plenty of storage space
  • Large canopy offers maximum protection from the sun or rain
Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller

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Active parents will love this all-terrain double stroller. It has an all-new design as of 2016 and comes with four robust and sturdy wheels with adjustable footrests. It has large seats that are comfortable for twins, and it has the capacity of expanding to a triple-sitter if you are expecting more kids or already have an older child.

Though it comes in at a slightly hefty price tag, it is a worthwhile investment. It’s four-wheel design, and adjustable suspension is perfect for the very rough terrain. Active parents will love this stroller.

What's more? The handlebar can be adjusted to match your comfort when on the go. It can also fold up to a convenient size so you can carry it with you. The two front wheels swivel up perfectly for added manoeuvrability, and it can also lock in place when necessary.

The stroller is also portable because it can fold up and fit in the trunk of any average sized sedan. Oh, and make sure to remind the toddlers to hold on to the front handlebars in case the ride gets a bit bumpy.

Features at a Glance

  • Four 10 inch tires provide a comfortable ride across any terrain
  • Comes in at a weight of 48 pounds
  • Has a robust and stable build that ensures the safety of your toddlers
  • An additional toddler seat can be added to make it a triple stroller
  • Has an extended canopy for extra protection from the sun or rain
  • Adjustable suspension system to ensure maximum comfort for the kids
  • Air-filled tires to absorb impact from the terrain
  • Easily folds in two steps for added portability
  • Seats are adjustable for added comfort
  • Additional storage space at the bottom of the stroller
ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller

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Are you looking for an ultra-light weight stroller? The Zoe Umbrella XL2 double stroller will be perfect for you. Weighing only 16lbs, you can take it with you anywhere you go, and it weighs much less than other competing brands such as Maclaren, UppaBaby and Baby Zen. Need to catch a plane to take the kids to their grandparents? Just grab the Zoe double stroller and go! Are you driving a long distance? The stroller will fit conveniently in your trunk, and you can pull it out whenever you need to move the twins around.

If they break during use, Zoe will quickly replace them. You can, therefore, be comfortable carrying this thing around and using it in different environments because Zoe has you covered. Zoe also packs this stroller with many useful accessories for parents, such as cup holders, a snack cup and even a parent cup holder.

This stroller also contains largely extended canopies that cover even the sides of the stroller to protect the toddlers against harsh weather. Despite the light size, the seats can hold up to 50lbs and recline up to 135 degrees for added comfort of the child.

Features at a Glance

  • Contains 4-panel canopies that protect the twins from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Has two very comfortable seat pads that are next to each other
  • Sturdy aluminium frame for added stability regardless of its light size
  • It has an outer frame made of aluminium, which makes it very stable and long-lasting
  • Has space for two cup holders and a snack tray for the twins to have something to munch on

Types of Double Stroller for Twins

There are many types of double strollers in the marketplace to choose from, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which one you should get. Luckily, this article will break down the five most popular types of double strollers and what factors you should consider when making your decision. Here we go.

1. Side-by-Side Twin Double Strollers

As one of the best double stroller for twins, these strollers have the seats placed in a side-by-side position, with each seat occupying similar space. Over time, these strollers have been adapted to fit through doorways and other narrow openings, making them a great option for mums. The kids can sit next to each other and even play with one another.

You can also have a full view of both children and monitor how they react while in the stroller. Also, they can be fully reclined in case one of the toddlers would like to take a nap. Some side-by-side strollers can also be attached to an infant car seat, making them that much more convenient.

2. Tandem Double Stroller

The tandem double stroller design has one seat in the front, and one in the back. These strollers also double up as two car seats, making them a great solution for twins. They are also instrumental when you have two children of different ages because the older child can sit in the front seat (which cannot recline fully) while the infant can sit in the back seat, which can recline fully and is closer to mommy.

These strollers are also ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces because they are narrower in size.

3. Sit and Stand Strollers

Next, we come to the unique sit and stand strollers. These are the ultimate solution for both twins with different personalities and children of slightly different ages. The infant can remain securely strapped in their chair, while the older child can walk around and hitch a ride on the stroller when they get tired.

In addition to the adaptability of these strollers, they also provide additional space for storage in the standing area, where you can place your groceries and other items when you're out shopping. What's more? They are very easy to manoeuvre and store when not in use.

4. All Terrain Double Strollers

For the adventurous mums, this stroller has you covered. It is built for harsh terrains and can manoeuvre such environments with ease. The front wheels come in three and four wheel designs that can be locked in place for added stability. The large wheels equipped on the stroller allow them to navigate rough surfaces with minimal discomfort to the children.

Some of these strollers come with rear suspension and hand brakes that give you maximum control of the movement and safety of the children.

5. Umbrella Double Stroller

Portability and lightweight are at the heart of Umbrella double strollers. As their name suggests, they quickly fold up like an umbrella into a smaller, much more compact unit. This compactness makes them the most portable strollers in the market, and among the double stroller for twins.

They have the two seat side by side, and easily fold up when you need to bring them along for a weekend getaway or aeroplane ride. Do you travel a lot with your kids? The Umbrella double stroller is the ultimate solution for you.

Best Double Stroller for Twins

Tips for Buying Double Stroller for Twins

Before we get into specific double stroller brands that you can consider purchasing, let us share with you some tips that you should consider when searching for the double stroller for twins. Having these helpful tips in mind will allow you to narrow down your choices and select the right stroller to suit your needs. Here’s what you should consider.

Age of the Twins

The most important factor to consider is how old the twins are. Infant twins may be best suited for side-by-side strollers while older twins could learn how to adapt to tandem or sit-and-stand strollers. Also, consider how the twins relate to each other. If they enjoy playing next to each other while riding on the stroller, side-by-side may be your best option.

Duration of the Outing

If you are just making a quick trip your local park, you will probably consider a different stroller from a long journey to visit family that lives out of state. Think about how much time the twins will spend in the stroller, if they will need to fall asleep and how long they can comfortable remain seated in an upright position.

Also, consider the portability of the stroller, and if travelling by car, how it can double up as a car seat for both children.

How often you plan to use the Stroller

If you are taking the twins out on a daily basis, you may want to consider a stroller that has many convenient features such as storage space, reclining options for the kids to fall asleep, and easy manoeuvrability.

Your Budget

Of course, what you can afford to buy is a significant factor to consider. You should always find the most value for your money, which is a stroller with the most helpful features at the lowest cost. Low pricing doesn't mean that you should compromise on quality though. You would want to select something that will last longer.

The next section of this article will highlight some brands that are fairly priced and packed with features that will make taking your twins out that much easier

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, purchasing a double stroller for your twins is a great and convenient way for you to move around with your kids. The stroller brands covered in this article will give you enough background information that you need to get the best double stroller for twins.

As we conclude this article, there is one last thing we should consider. Let us share some of the advantages of owning a double stroller for twins. In case you are having any doubts about getting one, the benefits below will most certainly make you change your mind.

Keep your kids Safer

Kids tend to get excited when they are outdoors, and sometimes you need to keep an eye on them, so they don't run off into the crowds on a busy day.

Also, you may need to have them contained as you prepare to cross the road, and they may get tired after running around and exploring for some time. A double stroller can solve all these problems.

Are the kids complaining of being tired? Just place them in the stroller. Need to cross the street to get to back home? Safely secure them in their seats, along with the safety straps present on the strollers.

When visiting places such as malls or parks, you can keep your kids in check by securing them in the stroller when you would prefer them not to be running around. You could also have the more active child playing around while the other one takes a rest in the stroller. It is a win-win situation for all of you.

Ideal for Grocery Shopping

Are you out at the store with only one of the kids? You don't need to leave the stroller behind. The second seat doubles up as a great grocery basket while out shopping.

Rather than push both the stroller and a grocery cart, you can conveniently use your double stroller to kill two birds with one stone. Keep your child in one place as you pick what you need to prepare for dinner.

Cost Savings

One of the most obvious advantages of getting a double stroller is the amount of money that it will save you in the long run.

Double strollers allow you to save on costs and to stay within your budget. You do not need to purchase many different baby care products, and these strollers will last for a long time. Planning to have more children? No problem, your double stroller has you covered for years to come.

Here are other ways that a double stroller saves you money. When you need to leave the house, you don’t have to pick and choose who will come with you; you can take them both. Taking both kids with you saves you the cost of having to hire a nanny or babysitter for one of the children when you're out with another one. What's more? Buying one double stroller is cheaper than buying two single ones.

Convenient for the Indoors and Outdoors

You may not know this, but a double stroller can also come in handy when doing chores around the house. You may be too busy cleaning the kitchen to notice that your kids are climbing dangerously on top of furniture or putting sharp or tiny objects in their mouths.

How can you avoid such dangers? Safely strap your twins in the double stroller as you do your chores around the house. Need to rush upstairs to grab something? Safely secure the kids in the stroller before you go. Once you're done with chores, you can have them running around as you keep a close eye on them. In other words, they are a great option for keeping the kids under control and conveniently monitoring their activities.

The same goes for the outdoors. You can conveniently control the movement of your children so that you can have peace of mind and ensure their safety.

Manage Kids of Different Ages

Double strollers are handy for more than just twins. You may have children that are a year or two apart, and these strollers are still perfect for such scenarios. You can use a sit and stand stroller for the older child to hitch a ride while the smaller one remains safely strapped in.

Depending on the personalities of your children, you can adjust to how they use the stroller and how they react when they are in different outdoor environments.

You now have more than enough information on the best double stroller for twins. Go out there and choose the best stroller to suit your needs. Good luck!

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