Best Toddler Stroller in 2020 – Reviews With Comparison Chart

The arrival of an additional member to the family and in this case I don’t mean a visitor, (read toddler) means that the family has to get a new stroller for the little bundle of joy. This may be a seemingly easy decision for those of us who are already parents but the new parents face a more difficult decision in choosing the best toddler stroller.

I have also encountered parents who have had other children having problems with this decision, mainly due to change of circumstances. Probably the preferences you had when you had the first child have changed and you are trying to adjust accordingly.

If you are in any of the above situations, you need not worry. You are not alone. Millions of mothers are frantically surfing the web looking for the perfect toddler stroller to fit their specific needs and preferences.

Lucky for you, you found us. I will take you through the market guiding you on the toddler strollers that will meet your specific needs and also appeal to your taste. Before we get there, let’s first look at what we mean when we say that this is the top toddler stroller. This is based on several factors. These include;

  • Comfort for the toddler for that important quality time.
  • Safety for both you and the bundle of joy.
  • Ability to carry extra items on the stroller e.g. diapers and bags of groceries or toys.
  • Weight of the toddler in relation to weight limit of the stroller.
  • Adaptability of the stroller to changing needs e.g. growth of the toddler.

Best Toddler Stroller Comparison:

5 Best Toddler Stroller for 2020

These in addition to your personal preferences such as fabric, tech, and others are what you will be looking for in the list. Let’s get to it then; the following is a list of the best toddler stroller that is in the market at the moment.

Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory

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Regardless of the means of travel that you are using, whether a bus, plane or train, it is highly advisable that your baby is on a seat. It is both comfy and safe. But traveling with a seat wherever you go can be very tedious. And this is the reason we have this amazing product. This strap allows you to attach a latch and a toddler seat that is equipped with a top tether onto a rolling suitcase. Genius. Right?

You only need to ensure that the straps are properly adjusted and that the car seat is properly secured on the suitcase. For ease of use, the car seat can be easily attached and detached from the suitcase in a matter of seconds. 

After lifting the handle of your bag, Bam! You got yourself a fun and creative stroller. And the real money saver is that you do not require a new car seat or suitcase. Provided your suitcase handle is able to lock in place, you have yourself one of the top toddler strollers in your hands.

It has been tested on various car seat brand with impressive results across the board on usability. It is made from heavyweight polypropylene webbing which is able to stand immense forces up to 900 lbs. when you are not using it, you can easily slip it in your pocket. This in an ingenious solution that is both money saving and impressively practical. I wonder why I didn’t think of it first.

Features at a Glance

  • Simply perfect for airports.
  • Enough said.
  • Can be easily tucked away in the pocket when not in use.
  • Can work with any top tether and latch that is available.
  • Comfort and safety for the toddler on their own seat as you fly.
  • Easy and fast connection to car seat and carry-on suitcase for convenience and practicality.
My First Umbrella Doll Stroller in Denim for Toddler

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You just have to admit. This is one of the most adorable strollers you will come across. It features a frame that is both strong and durable. And that’s not all, the elegant design also allows the parent to easily fold and go. It is without a doubt that I say that this stroller has rightfully earned its position on this list of the best toddler strollers for its design and practicality.

It is extremely light and can serve toddlers from the age of Three years and above. Premium quality and durable doll stroller that is easily fold-able and is able to carry a doll that is as large as 18”. Comes with a seat belt for that extra touch that is meant for safety. Double wheels. The stroller features top of the range double wheels on all of the legs. This is to ensure that the stroller is completely stable on the ground.

Assembly. On purchasing this stroller, it comes fully assembled and you do not need to frantically look at the manual or through the web to get the hang of how to assemble it. You only need to fold and store it. Simple. Right? Minimalist dimension. The design of this stroller is a genius. It is simple but very practical for the user.

Features at a Glance

  • Denim stroller with hood, Seat belt.
  • Basket on the bottom.
  • Denim doll stroller with seat belt.
  • Made of top quality.
  • Double wheels on all 4 legs for extra stability.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Super easy to fold and store.
JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

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Looking for a warm stroller? Here it is. The outside of this product is quilted with nylon to protect the toddler against rain and wind. The inside is also catered for with a soft and luxurious Thermos plush that adds both style to this already impressive stroller. The unique attribute of this product is that it can be used for car seats, strollers, and joggers.

This is enabled by its top which is removable and which also serves to control the temperature. The clever design is made is such a way that the safety straps rest on the toddler directly and hence improving the safety of the child.

And did I mention that it is washable? Yes, it is! The wind and water resistible material allow the user to machine wash it which is very convenient in caring for the stroller.

Material. Outside is made of polyester, inside from polyester and the filling made from more polyester. Practical. It is usable in different situations such as car seats, joggers, and strollers. The material is wind and water resistant which makes it machine washable and enables easy care for the stroller.

Temperature control capability through the top which is removable. Extra safety for the toddlers through straps that rest on the toddler directly to ensure that they are properly harness.

This easy to use product makes it to the list of the toddler strollers for its vast array of uses. Its best use, however, is to keep the toddler warm on a stroller.

Features at a Glance

  • Wind and water resistant
  • Machine washable
  • For use with strollers.
  • Joggers and car seats.
  • Crash tested - FMVSS 225.
Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

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This jewel of a stroller that has a four in one functionality is ready to grow with your child. It not only caters for the needs of the toddler but also those of the parent. It comes with multiple storage spots for easy access on the go. This trike is ready to grow with your kid. It starts with parents pushing the toddler then the toddler learns to peddle on the stroller, steer and finally ride on their own.

The first stage (stroll) takes up to nine months. In this stage, the parent has the full responsibility of pushing the stroller and control it and this responsibility is given to the toddler in stages until after thirty months when the kid can be let to ride on their own.

4 stage growth adjustment. This means that the kid will not outgrow the stroller anytime soon. When the kid grows a bit, there is a new adjustment to fit his stage and so on. A full shade that is able to protect the toddler from all angles that sunlight may come from. A seat that is easily adjustable with just a switch flips for convenience.

Clever storage solutions with a bucket at the bottom and a bottle holder at the top so you can easily access what you need on the go. The comfortable back seat that is specifically raised for extra safety and comfort for the toddler.

A full platform for the feet to ensure that they are properly protected. Adjustable seat for that perfect fit that ensures that the baby is always smiling in comfort. This stroller proves its position on the list of best toddler stroller for its adaptability and practicality. I recommend that this stroller is used for kids from birth to 4 years of age.

Features at a Glance

  • Adjustable seat to make sure any child will fit.
  • Sun canopy for protection.
  • Protective foot tray for tiny feet to rest.
  • Convenient snack, drink and phone tray.
  • Large storage bucket behind seat.
  • 5-point seat belt harness.
  • Protective safety bar.
  • Weight Limit: 50 lbs.
Stroll-Air DUO 4 Wheel Double Twin Baby Stroller

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Fortunately, with the many progressions made for improving baby stuff technology, carrying your child has become a far more comfortable and gratifying activity than ever before. The new Stroll Air my Duo Twin Baby Stroller reproductions and innovative transport system designs are continuously being provided by trustworthy brands for this purpose and the results are often amazing. With extremely improved features accorded to this new product, it is the best double stroller available in the market.

One good factor with this best double stroller is that parents can still be able to do their chores in and outside the house and be able to keep watch on their babies. It is very light in weight, having a bigger child; he will be taking a ride when the mother is out to do shopping or generally taking a leisure walk. It is very useful for parents who still intend to give birth to more children in the future date as they will be making use of it and lastly, it saves time as you will not be chasing your child all around the grocery, supermarket, and even shopping mall.

That energy can be directed to useful and purposeful shopping which every mother appreciates. They have two autonomous reversible seats and the baby can be facing forward to face the parent. The Stroller accommodates one or two baby car seats: inconsequential aluminum frames and narrow frame will allow you to pass over any doors. The compact fold allows the best double stroller to fit in the slightest of car trunks.

The four wheel suspension for a relaxed ride. Hoods with extension and free able apron .Two isolated hoods with sun protection extension, full reclining seats, adjustable removable front pieces, five point adjustable safety harnesses, quick release wheels, 360 rotating front wheels with locking mechanism. Adjustable handle height and bar. Flat recline for newborn’s Anterior and rear suspension Mesh vent in the hood shopping basket with three pockets Stroller seat.

Features at a Glance

  • Lightweight aluminum chassis.
  • Two independent, reversible seats.
  • Front and back suspension.
  • Two separate hoods with sun protection extension.
  • Mesh vent in hoods.
  • Fully reclining, multi-position seats.
  • Adjustable footrests.
  • Flip-open, removable front bars.
  • Large shopping basket with 3 pockets.
  • Adjustable handle height.
  • 5 point adjustable safety harness.
  • Quick release wheels.
  • 360 rotating front wheels with locking mechanism.
  • Magnetic peekaboo window in hood.

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Best Toddler Stroller

Final Verdict

The decision is not as complicated as may seem. At least not after you have gone through the list. The products that I reviewed above are guaranteed to meet the needs that you would expect from the best toddler stroller. The small variations are for personal preferences and taste.The list has been developed after in-depth research of the market and the various offerings that are in the market. It caters for the various needs that you may desire to be addressed in as far as is possible. It also takes into consideration the price range of the products so that economy and class are both balanced out.

The products listed are easily accessible. The only things to consider before narrowing down to one is your budget, how much are you willing to spend? Your personal preferences, what extra features would you want on the toddler stroller. In a market that is littered with hundreds, probably thousands of options, this list narrows the search down to the best 5 products. The only task is for you to identify the most specific preferences and then compare that to the list so as to get the one that not only addresses them but does so in the most satisfactory way.

So what are you waiting for? The decision has been narrowed down in this elaborate list of the best toddler strollers. Just add the product to your cart and watch you kids smile away into healthy and developmental growth.

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