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15 Easy Ways to Make a Smarter Baby

Hey moms, do you wish your baby is smarter? Of course, for some babies, smartness is in their genes, while others are just cut for the genius gene. Of course, as parents, we all hope for the latter. However, as a mom, it is our duty to harness the full potential of our wonderful little one right fro […]

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3 Baby Sleeping Techniques Every Parents Should Learn

Do you find your baby's sleeping habits frustrating? Then it might be time to say goodbye to groggy mornings and learn a few baby sleep training methods. As a newborn, it is expected that your baby will sleep close to 17 hours a day. However, no more than two to four hours at a time. As such, your o […]

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5 Baby Myths That All Parents Should Be Aware Of

There are a lot of baby myths out there, and many such myths come from parents themselves When parents ask each other for advice, they usually share their own experiences with their own children. Many of these experiences are shared around through word of mouth to the point that they have become myt […]

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Giving Your Baby a Bath After Circumcision

You may be a little nervous about caring for your newborn’s penis especially after circumcision. Regardless of whether it was done by a mohel as part of a religious ceremony or in the hospital, the healing process is more or less the same. The guidelines and advice on the post-procedure care will […]

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How You Can Have a Healthy Baby

The starting point for a healthy baby is a healthy sperm and a healthy egg. And the time to start preparing for this conjunction is before an infant is conceived. There are factors that need to be checked in the early days after conception if an infant is to be healthy & normal. It’s during th […]

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Newborn Baby Care: Complete Guideline For Mothers

Life, they say, is such a fragile gift. The truth of this statement is perfectly exemplified in new-born babies. When babies are born, they transition from an environment that is exceptionally comfortable to an environment that is fundamentally unfavorable to them. Consequently, the babies' bodies n […]

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