Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

Are you a modern parent and hope to raise your kids in the urban town? You will definitely need a stroller if you are to go shopping with two children. Or, walk through busy sidewalks and crowded areas like airports and train stations. The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is designed for urban living.

For a parent with two children living in the City Center, I have had more than a fair share of troubles maneuvering with a massive stroller. Which, at the time, I thought it was the best the market could offer. And honestly, I was beginning to like how it handles- apart from a few instances where I couldn’t get it to fit through some doorways. This was until I came to learn of the Britax b-agile double stroller.

The Britax soon became my favorite – and I learned later that it’s a quite a popular double stroller among parents with multiple children. I took to the Britax b-agile almost instantly. It’s compactness, lightness, premium features and the general appeal. What’s more, it goes for much less than you would expect for a double stroller of such quality and durability.

Having had the chance to use the Britax b-agile, strolling through paved and no paved streets, sidewalks and busy city centers, I can confidently recommend it for any urban dwelling parent with multiple children. This review will cover everything you need to know about the Britax b-agile.

Features of the Britax B Agile Double Stroller

At first glance, this buggy looks like a single stroller. However, upon closer inspection, you see the two seats and realize it’s actually a double stroller. Even so, it’s one of the lightweight double strollers comes with premium features for quality, performance, and durability. Here are some of its outstanding features:

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review
Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review 02

When I got my stroller, the first thing I did after assembling (which was an easy task) was to lift the thing up… it went up like paperweight (not literally!) But, you get the point. I was impressed. So, I checked and saw that it weighed at 13.2kgs only. What a nimble, agile and lightweight double stroller.

The chassis is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, hence the lightweight characteristic. The stroller glides in the hands effortlessly. And you’ll be impressed how the wheels roll smoothly. Handling such a lightweight buggy feels amazing. 

There is even a handle that lets you push the buggy using one hand. The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate parents of different heights. And the grip is comfortable to eliminate fatigue, especially during long strolls.

Comfy Seats – Separate Reclines

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

The thing I loved most about Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is that it can hold children of different ages. Each seat has a recline of its own. I like how the recline is able to come to a lay-flat position. This makes the buggy suitable for newborns. Ideally, you can have a newborn next to your 4 or 5-year-old.

It’s incredible that the right seat can be replaced with a car seat. To connect the car seat, you’ll need to remove the right seat unit and connect the car seat receiver – which comes free with the buggy.

The seats can be reclined using a single hand. Undoing is simply by disengaging the Straps. Each seat comes with a padded 5-point harness for safety.

Compact and Easy Fold

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

After using a massive stroller for quite some time, you can trust that this buggy is as compact as it can get. It appears to be a single stroller both in weight and size, but it can actually accommodate two children in it. 

Upon folding for storing or packing in the trunk, this buggy takes up very little room. Folding is quick and easy.

Simply hold the canopy and push it back, draw the handlebar to it heights length, release the auto-fold lock, then pull the straps located in the seat, the buggy is folded. The auto-lock fully secures the buggy from undoing itself and coming apart. Your buggy is ready for storing away.

Comfortable Handle

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

The Britax b-agile can fit through normal sized doors. Now, you sure don’t hear that about side-by-side Double Strollers! The maneuverability on this buggy is quite impressive. You can move with it just about anywhere. And it handles fine.

Its handlebar is padded for comfort. It is adjustable to accommodate parents with different heights. Braking and parking are on a tap-on, tap-off. You simply love how the buggy handles through the city streets.

With an all-inclusive built suspension and incredible wheels performance, this buggy can handle any terrain. Even though it was designed for urban living, it can ride well through rough terrains and roadways plagued with debris. Longer walks are made easier and fatigue is eliminated thanks to its lockable 360 degrees front swivel wheels.

Ample Storage

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

The Britax b-agile is a well-designed and functional stroller and offers ample space for storing all the essentials you will need along the way. Under the seat is a spacious storage basket.

It offers enough space to hold your diapers, wipes, napkins and snacks for the kids. The storage basket can be accessed from either side of the stroller as well as from the rear side. On either side of the sun canopy, you will find side pockets for your utility.

These are not that spacious, but neither are they too inadequate. These storage pockets secure your items in with a zipper. They come in extremely handy since you do not have to reach all the way to the storage basket under the seat.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Britax B Agile Double Stroller Review

Cleaning this buggy is quick and easy. I’ve used a massive stroller that I thought was as easy to clean, but by its sheer size, now I know what easy feels like; thanks to the Britax. Its compactness makes for quick cleaning.

Basically, you wipe the frame using a damp cloth with mild soap. Wiping the whole chassis shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. After cleaning, use a dry towel of cloth to wipe dry the chassis and remove excess soap and water.

The fabric cleans and dries quickly. It comes recommended for hand wash, using cold or water. Manufacturers warn against the use of solvents when cleaning the buggy. These will only corrode the plastics and metal. Storing away in a dry place after use of cleaning will have your buggy last for the long haul.

Britax B Agile Double Stroller – Video


  • Easy handling and incredible maneuverability.
  • Compact buggy with premium double stroller features.
  • Amazing seat options.
  • The right side can connect car seat.
  • Comes with Car seat adaptor.
  • Both seats have a 5-point harness for safety.
  • Easy to secure and undo the harness.
  • Adjustable handlebar height.
  • Offers ample storage space – under the seat and on sun canopy.
  • Has secure parking brakes.
  • Use of durable; sturdy yet lightweight material.


  • Can only use one infant seat adapter.

Features at a Glance

  • Canopy, Comfort-grip Handle.
  • Front Swivel and Locking Wheels.
  • Folds Up for Easy Transport.
  • Folds for easy transport and storage.
  • Storage Basket Beneath Seat.
  • 2 Canopies, One-Hand Folding.
  • Compact Fold, Reclining Seat.
  • Adjustable and Tangle-Free Harness.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 31 x 41.4 inches.
  • Item Weight: 26 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 34.1 pounds.
  • UPC: 652182728991.
  • Item model number: U791896.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 50 Pounds.
  • Number of items: 1.
  • Batteries required: No.
  • Specification met: certified frustration-free.
  • Color: Black.
  • ASIN: B06W2MHLQ8.
  • Item Package Quantity: 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I connect infant seat adapter on both seats?

A: Unfortunately not. Only the right seat unit can connect the infant seat adapter.

Q: What is the maximum child height the Britax B-Agile can fit?

A: This double stroller is 44’’ tall. However, I’ve seen children as tall as 46” fit in the buggy; it all depends on where most of their height rests – to the torso or to the legs?!

Q: Does this stroller fit in a smaller car trunk?

A: Yes, it folds easily and assumes a compact form that can fit in most car trunks.

Final Verdict

I love this buggy, and you’ll certainly love it for its premium features and amazing performance. The most outstanding feature about this double stroller is its compactness. It’s a one of a kind side by side double stroller that can fit through standard sized doorways. 

It’s relatively light, easy to handle, quick to fold. It performs well in urban centers. I recommend it for urban dwelling parents with multiple children. And if you are working on a budget, you should find this buggy to be quite the bargain.

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