Bugaboo Donkey Convertible Stroller Review

If you see a stroller that makes you want to purchase it, then it might be the right stroller to buy. I felt the same when I first saw the Bugaboo Donkey Convertible stroller. All I could say was "Wow!" its beauty was beyond explanation. It's absolute to die for! It's beautiful seat, canopy nature, and the firm frame creates a stunning, unique look.

Bugaboo stroller is a perfect stroller for an urban family that is routinely on-the-go. This stroller is a blend of performance, sturdiness, and cost-efficiency. It has great features that have been assembled in a tip top grade quality. Its overall look and features make it one of the most loved convertible strollers. Check out some of the features that make Bugaboo Donkey Convertible stroller a unique stroller.

Features of the Bugaboo Donkey Convertible Stroller

The following are the features that you should know:

Bugaboo Donkey Convertible Stroller Review

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Weight Capacity

It has a spacious seat that can accommodate a rider of up to 37.5Ibs. However, kids up to 40Ibs can still enjoy its comfort. This stroller seat is 11 inches wider which makes almost all kids comfortable when they sit. With a seat, back of 20' and a canopy of 25', the seat can accommodate kids up to 4 years old. The seat comes with a padded bumper bar that is removable and easy to slide up and down in order to accommodate kids of different sizes.

Reversible Seat

Its reverse mechanics allows the kid to face different angles including facing her mother or the person handling the stroller. One interesting fact about this stroller is that everything that is white performs a certain function. For instance, its levers, buttons, brake help control the stroller. Unlike other machines, this stroller has a memory lock button that locks the seat after reversing it. It's also a luxury seat because of its ability to recline back easily with a one-handed lever.

Fancy Canopy

The strollers' canopy is large can cover a large space, but it doesn't have a peek-a-boo window. Its handlebar is ergonomic and telescopes from 33 to 42 from the ground to the handlebar. This distance is enough to keep you far from the frame of the stroller. The distance is also comfortable for tall ladies and men, you will not experience incidents of kicking the stroller accidentally. Its handlebar also extends away from the stroller so much that you won't get kicked by your parent-facing child either.

Sufficient Storage

Just as its name suggests, Donkeys carry heavy language, and when it comes to storage, this stroller will not disappoint. It has an upper basket in a mono mode that helps you keep all the stuff you need for a picnic and any necessity for the kid. The basket is positioned in a good place where one can easily pick what he/she needs when it's required.

If you find the upper basket not enough, worry less, there is also a large bottom basket underneath the seat. You can use this one to keep the baby's diapers and other necessary clothes. The lower basket also features three mesh pockets to keep things secure.

Comfortable Wheels

Unlike other strollers, the donkey rolls on 10" front and 12", air-filled tires. This stroller also gives you an air-pump to upkeep the proper pressure required for the wheels. Although the stroller is expensive, you truly get what you have spent. Its front wheels are swivel in nature and have the ability to lock straight for navigating the bumpier terrain. Its air-filled tires make it a terrain stroller. The donkey can also tackle everything from grass, sand to playground mulch. Its suspension has been built like that one of the bicycles directly to the tire. Even though you can't see the suspension system, the mechanics used makes it very smooth for the baby.

Amazing Maneuverability

This stroller has an amazing maneuverability. It's very simple and easy to push. This product has garnered praises Thanks to the Bugaboo that makes strollers of great quality. In fact, Bugaboo strollers are the easiest strollers in the market to push around. Unlike most strollers in its category, you can easily maneuver the Donkey easily with one hand.

Two Wheel Mode

Another amazing feature on this stroller is two-wheel mode. With the two wheels, you can easily slide the back and front wheels together to allow you to pull the stroller with a kid abroad. What fascinates most users is how easy it is to pull and push the stroller on the sand and even snow. The stroller also features a rear parking brake that is easy to do with one step on the white pedal.

Easy Change from single into a side-by-side double

Unlike most strollers, the Bugaboo Donkey stroller can turn from a single stroller into a side-by-side double stroller. This technique is a unique idea in the stroller world. The idea is brilliant, all you need to do is unclip three clips then click on the button on the center bar to pull the Donkey apart to expand it to accommodate a second bassinet or seat.

Capacity and Versatility

This stroller can accommodate two seats, a seat, two bassinets or two car seats. Yes, that was clear, this giant can take two car seats at once. To be specific, the stroller can take Gravy or Maxi-Cosi care seat but the only challenge is that it is bigger than a standard doorway. You will need to remove one seat to pass a doorway.

Its versatility in duo mode is top notch. You can mix and match the seats, bassinets and infant car seats to accommodate your needs. Another added advantage is that the seats can face any direction. For instance, one seat can face the parent while the other can face in front.

Overall Weight

To be frank, this is not the lightest stroller when it comes to its overall weight. The Bugaboo Donkey weights 331bs in mono mode while it takes 38 lbs in duo mode. It's heavy but can be comfortably lifted to into the trunk. However, you can lighten the whole stroller by first removing the seats.

Easy Folding

Folding is one of the easiest things to do when handling this convertible. All you need to do is lift two white levers on the handlebar to fold the handle down to the ground, when it's done, squish the front and back together. Although the stroller is rendered heavy, its maneuverability does make up for it through!

Bugaboo Donkey Convertible Stroller - Video


  • Expands and downsize in only three clicks.
  • It's flexible and has multiple language options.
  • One-piece fold and self-standing.
  • Comes with a donkey tailored set fabric (sold separately).
  • It has an excellent package.
  • It's a durable stroller.
  • Easy change from single into a side-by-side double.


  • The stroller is heavy

Features at a Glance

  • Smooth ride
  • Smart design
  • Extraordinary value
  • mono, duo, twin
  • kid(s) & goods

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 44 inches.
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 48.8 pounds.
  • Item model number: 181110ZW04.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 5 Pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 22 Pounds.
  • ASIN: B00IW09MHC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this come as pictured with two seats?

A: No, you have to order the duo conversion separately.

Final Verdict

This is a stunning stroller that is highly appreciated by its users. Bugaboo Donkey convertible stroller has a great rating in most websites and it ranks as an admirable, durable and trustworthy stroller. Although it might be slightly expensive, its incredible features make it worth it.

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