The Curiosity Cycle Keep Your Kids Learning and Growing

From the moment your baby is born, you and everyone around is in awe and complete love with this tiny being and the beautiful journey through life that you will share with them. For a mother, it is the start of a new beginning, a new bond and a new love which she has not felt before. For a newborn, it is the first touch, the first connection and the first deep love they will hold and cherish.

As they develop through their infancy babies go through three important life stages, all no doubt which mothers will remember forever. From the changes in feeding, sleep and behavior, enjoy the amazing, fun filled and tired nights ahead - it's a great challenge for new parents but warrants the greatest reward!

Curiosity Cycle Keep Your Kids Learning and Growing

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First Stage - Newborn

When you hold your newborn baby for the first time they feel small and fragile, a delicate bundle of joy in the palm of your hands. Congratulations you're now a mother! The task that lies ahead of you is not something a degree could prepare you for or a mother could ever teach you but no doubt it will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

The newborn stage of our baby's life contains many interesting task and turns such as endless diaper changes, bottles, bottles, bottles, burping and a fair few sleepless nights - but understanding this life change from the beginning will help you through the beautiful journey that is motherhood. There are a few things which will happen at this stage of your baby’s life.

1. Breastfeeding or bottle?

It really depends on you - these days formula is closely mimicking breast milk and its nutrients - so if you cannot breastfeed don't feel ashamed or put down, you child will develop fine with the right formula for them speak to your doctor to find the right one.

If you are breastfeeding, this is often your biggest challenge at the beginning, this somewhat painful beginning will lead to a beautiful ending with your baby happily suckling on the nutrients they need to grow and develop into infants.

2. The Diaper Diagnosis

Every mother’s obsession, is my baby moving their bowels enough? Generally speaking, in the first month of life a baby might have anywhere between 5 and 8 diaper changes per day - and most will have daily bowel movements if not. This is mainly due to the liquid diet or breastmilk or baby formula making it easier to digest.

However, there is always an exception to the rule - so don’t go raising the alarm. Some day’s you baby might not have a regular bowel movement for a few days. Most mothers would go into panic mode and call the doctor - however if your baby is showing no signs of pain or constipation await the bowel explosion. This is a mother's term for a baby back up in which a definite bath is required afterwards.

Be aware that in the first week of your baby's life they may lose between 74036 of their birth weight, after that your baby will be on the growth train, getting back Up to his birth weight nearing the end of week two and then a consistent growth our 2 to 3 ounces per day up until the 4-month mark.

Second Stage - The Teething infant

This is generally classified from the age of E - 12 months where your baby is going to become a social and curious little being. Having developed a sleeping and feeding pattern, your tired sleepless nights may be coming to an end and the joy of motherhood should just be beginning.AT this stage your baby should be able to explore with his hands, pulling objects towards him and grab toys or whatever is around them prepare for messiness! 

You baby will also have a perception of the world similar to what you do hearing and seeing just like you - his communication skills will rapidly improve and then comes the babbling. The gorgeous sound of ga ga, ma, ba - you can use this newly developed skill to your advantage and turn the babble into a game such as the sheep goes baaa' etc, their curious little mind will quickly latch on.

Generally, at this stage, most mothers like to introduce solids to their baby's routine. Slowly is the key. Nurse your baby with the bottle or breast first then offer them a little solid, you may find they only take a bite. At this stage milk still provides them with the adequate nutrition they need for healthy growth however the addition of mashed foods such as oats, avocado, different fruits, yogurt and mashed vegetable can do wonders to expand their palate and provide extra nutrients and growth factor. They may develop their first teeth at this stage as well, so look for the tell-tale signs of drooling, biting, and crying.

Third Stage - Terrible Toddlers

By far the most frustrating and interesting time of your life and the most explorative and exciting time of your toddlers. This is the stage where tantrums may begin, thumb sucking will appear and nail biting is a certain. At this stage, your toddler will start to jump through the milestone from first step to first words and putty training perfection. They will be able to non-sippy cup, laugh at funny things, read body language and have a larger vocabulary - the time for interactive books and game is now to help them develop their keen little minds.

Also, to increase the surprise and excitement

Your toddler will now become a fussy eater, where their taste and mood changes like the weather but don't worry a plus side is whilst you may get the day tantrums they may sleep for over 5-6 hours straight and your life can somewhat go back to normal. They will either want the same food, the same way all the time or refuse to eat the general good food you provide - this is when the flavor combination juices start swirling in your brain. But remember as long as you offer them healthy nutritious food - don't sweat the little things.

The Curiosity Cycle Keep Your Kids Learning and Growing - Video

Before you know it your tiny newborn quickly develops into a curious, active little human eager to explore the world. And before you know it, your baby is a toddler, so enjoy this amazing time in both your lives, for this is an adventure that you will remember forever.

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