Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller Review

When you are blessed with twins, or have children that just a few years apart, you know that the journey to finding the right dual stroller for you little ones is not as straightforward as finding one for a single child. The Graco Ready 2 Grow stroller is a one-of-a-kind ride for your children that is ideal for busy mothers on the go and is built for growing families. This convertible model can carry two children of different ages and sizes at ago, and its versatility even allows for one child to stand while the other sits.

If you have two kids that are 3 to 5 years apart, the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is the perfect choice for you as you can take the both kids out with minimal hassle. It has a front-facing seat for the younger one, and a rear-facing standing platform/bench to make it easy to take the older child along for the ride. Better still, this stroller's regular seat can take an infant car seat with ease. In this Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller review, we will delve deeper into the build, reliability, core features, and its pros and cons, so you can decide if it indeed is the right stroller for you.

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller features

The following are the features that you should know:

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller Review

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12 unique riding options

The most convenient and top selling feature about the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is the wide variety of riding options it offers-12! When you buy this stroller, you can use it with its two provided seats, two infant seats, front seat and standing platform, one seat and an infant car seat, the bench seat and the rear seat, and the bench seat and the standing platform, etc. Such versatility makes it possible to fully utilize the stroller for both newborns and toddlers, or a newborn and a toddler, hence the reason it is described as ideal for a growing family.

Because the rear seat can be easily removed, it is perfect for a growing child who would not want to be confined in the traditional stroller seat and would instead prefer to get on and off the bench or seat independently. With 12 different riding configurations, the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller offers sufficient options that work for children of the same age, of different ages, and for parents who want versatility in how their children interact with the outside world.

Secure 5-point safety harness and dependable breaks

This Graco double baby stroller was last year under fire after some media outlets highlighted consumer reports citing the brake designs of the stroller 'wanting.' The company, however, responded that the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is designed and engineered for the safety of both children using it and that the braking system is an upgraded design that performs exceptionally well even on an incline.

The stroller provides a 5-point harness system for both seats. When the seats are removed to access the standing platform or the bench seat, the 5-point harness is converted into a 3-point harness to ensure that both kids, whether seated or standing, are properly buckled during the ride. The front seat and the standing platform, can each hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds. The rear seat can hold a child weighing up to 40 pounds. This brings the total weight capacity of the stroller to 90 pounds.

Large storage basket and removable cup holders

Another very impressive feature on the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is its storage capacity, and in particular, the removable child's tray that has cup holders. The tray is a perfect holder for shakes, water, or milk bottles and it is placed within easy reach of your toddler. Also, the stroller has a storage tray on the rear for the parent. With this stroller, you can take along your bottle of water or cup of coffee when you head out for a walk without worrying about a backpack.

The Graco Ready2Grow stroller also offers a large storage space beneath the seats. The large basket is a handy feature that can accommodate clothing for the cold weather, snacks for when you are going out for a while, diapers, and even toys. The storage basket is easy to access and this is large because the rear seat is noticeably elevated to provide more roof to fit the hand inside and to conveniently put in or remove items from the storage basket.

Large canopies and lockable swiveling front wheels

The shade canopies of the Graco Ready2Grow double stroller are large enough to provide sufficient cover to both children. This advantage makes the stroller long and bulky, but it is not difficult to fold and transport. With its one-hand fold system with an automated lock, the stroller can easily be folded to fit in a trunk for transportation. The swiveling front wheels make the stroller easy to maneuver; the built-in suspension makes the stroller easy to push and a comfortable ride for the children even over a bumpy terrain.

Both seats and cushions of the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX stroller can be easily removed for machine washing, and the stroller frame can be easily wiped clean with warm water and soap. Assembling the stroller is easy and takes about 10 to 15 minutes only It comes with easy-to-follow directions and different sections easily snap into place.

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller - Video


  • Features an easy-fold mechanism.
  • Comes with removable trays with cup holders placed within easy reach of the child.
  • Comfortable access to the large storage basket.
  • Large removable canopies provide excellent protection for the children.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 5-point harness system provides better child protection.
  • 12 different riding configurations.
  • Automatic lock system.


  • No side-by-side seating arrangement.

Features at a Glance

  • Parent tray with cup holder.
  • Extra-large storage basket.
  • Removable child's tray.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 44 x 24 x 41 inches.
  • Item Weight: 33 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 39 pounds.
  • UPC: 047406132232.
  • Item model number: 1934624.
  • Target gender: Unisex.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 5 Pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 50 Pounds.
  • Material Type: fabric.
  • Seating capacity: 2.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the front wheels of the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX stroller lockable?

A: Yes. When pushing the stroller in a straight flat surface, the front wheels can be locked in place to improve control.

Q: Which car seats can be used on the stroller?

A: Thus stroller is designed to work with 2 Graco Click Connect car seats.

Final Verdict

With all the great features it has, is worth investing in the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX stroller. Parents with two children who love to go anywhere and everywhere would love this stroller, not only because of the dozen riding options, but also because it provides a comfortable and smooth ride, and its swiveling wheels make it very maneuverable.

With such versatility, the Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX stroller is easy to navigate through doorways, crowds, or isles. In general, this is a cleverly designed and expertly built piece of equipment that assembles easily, folds even faster, and is an excellent deal for parents looking to invest in one stroller that they can use for years to come.

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