Joovy Toofold Double Stroller Review

Joovy TooFold is one of the most versatile strollers you will encounter in the market today, loaded with fine features beneath the luxurious frame. This stroller is specifically designed for everyday activities such as running errands, visiting the grocery store or strolling to the nearby park. Although its seat is designed in such a way that it appears small from a distance, it is actually a roomy stroller that is meant to offer both functionality and convenience.

The Joovy TooFold stroller comes with this unique ability to convert into a double inline stroller. This brings the option of a second/rear seat, where the main seat is capable of accommodating a young child from 3 months of age while the second/rear seat is capable of accommodating an older child aged about 6 months and above. It may not be an all-terrain stroller when talking from a technical point of view but thanks to the 12" air-filled rear wheels, it can withstand almost all forms of terrain unless one is trail walking.

Buying from credible retailers such as Amazon, this stroller comes with a number of accessories such as a bottle holder, a tire pump, a stand-in board, a sun visor and a shopping bag. If you need to convert and use it as a double stroller, however, you will need a separate rear seat.

If you can't find the adjustable double handle unique enough to warrant your purchase, perhaps this comprehensive review will help you understand some of the features and inclusions that put this stroller above the rest. Read on...

Features of the Joovy Toofold Double Stroller

The following are the features that you should know:

Joovy Toofold Double Stroller Review

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The second seat option

As aforementioned, you can purchase a separate second seat, which you will use later to convert the stroller such that it becomes a double inline stroller. The second seat comes with a weight limit of about 45 lbs, which means you have to be watchful of your baby's weight in order to extend the stroller's shelf life. With this conversion, the canopy stays at the stroller's back pocket, allowing you to bring it on when you think there is need.

Even so, you have to understand that this seat does not reline and so it is not fit for a newborn baby. Whenever you have two children with some slight age difference, therefore, this is the best stroller to go for, enabling you to walk with your siblings comfortably.

The canopy

Joovy TooFold stroller is endowed with a medium-sized canopy, one that you will find very convenient and highly functional although it is a little smaller compared to what you will see in most of the luxury strollers. On the other hand, Joovy has included a separate sun visor, which stays separate in a small round bag. If you need a larger shade perhaps due to the conditions in your area, therefore, all you need is to attach the sun visor to the stroller's frame and your child will enjoy increased protection from the sun.

The canopy also features a zippered pocket on one of its sides, which can carry any small gadget such as a mobile phone or even things such as keys. On the other side, you will be served with a cup holder, which is essentially meant to hold the baby's bottle. Since feeding the child will be part of your moves, it makes all the difference because you will not be required to take extra bags along.

The basket and shopping bag

Just like its canopy, this stroller's basket is medium sized. As a highly mobile mother, you don't need a bulky stroller since it may end up being more of a burden. Compared to some of the luxury strollers, therefore, you will enjoy this basket size because it can comfortably accommodate the diaper bag. 

After all, no one intends to carry bulky grocery purchases in a stroller. The basket is also unique due to the folding mechanism, which means there is no access from the sides or even the back. With a diaper bag and some separate lunch bag, you will even have some space to spare. This makes the basket bigger than what most people would imagine the moment they see this stroller in one of the stores.

Perhaps due to the basket's size, Joovy saw it wise to include a waterproof shopping bag that is huge enough to handle your grocery purchases. If the young one is not using the board, therefore, this bag can be attached to the top of the frame as you go shopping. Remember, the waterproof design is an added advantage that will help protect grocery items and other purchases that need such protection from water.

Trendy wheels

A good proportion of buyers has fallen in love with these wheels, perhaps because they boost the stroller's versatility. Built to run on 12" air-filled rear wheels and 6" hard rubber front wheels, you will find it convenient using this stroller on any terrain. Remember, the front wheels are double swivel tires, which can be locked straight so that the stroller moves smoothly on a rougher terrain. For a mother or user that loves nature, the air-filled tires make it easy to move through surfaces such as grass and uneven pavements as you enjoy life in recreational parks and other outdoor centers.

The wheels never come without mudguards, which is a great bonus, especially during the rainy days. All these features combined, it is fit for use on walkways, through snow and several forms of uneven ground.

The one-hand fold mechanism

One thing you will love with this stroller is your ability to fold it using just one hand and it will surely stand on its own. This is a very useful feature especially if you will be juggling several children. Once folded, you can stroll it easily to the area where you want to store or use it The stroller also comes with an automatic lock, where you can unlock the brakes and wheel it behind you as if it was some kind of luggage.

Compared to some of the luxury strollers, this model is not as bulky when folded. To be precise, it measures 17.5"L by 19'W by 41.25"H. It is pretty light for a stroller and owing to the flexibility that is associated with it; this particular model can fit in any trunk. In essence, it is an ideal travel companion for someone who needs the services of a stroller far away from home. If you will be camping in several locations, for instance, all you need is this stroller as it can be folded easily and moved from one location to the next.

Adjustable handlebars

The handle bars associated with this TooFold stroller are unique because they not only adjust upwards and downwards but can as well rotate inwards and outwards. Simply explained, they are multi-position handlebars which can be used to adjust both the height and position of your stroller. This is particularly important when you have a playful and somehow grown child who wishes to enjoy a ride on the back. All you will need is to turn the handles and they will twist out like a bicycle's handles. Remember, they are also padded to offer you comfort irrespective of the number of times you will be using the stroller.

The removable seat liner

If you are not conversant with strollers, you will love it whenever you use one that is equipped with a removable seat liner because it is easy to clean. Understanding how messy the little angels can be. you agree that cleaning the entire seat could be so much of an inconvenience. Besides being padded, therefore, this seat liner is easily washable and highly durable. 

Regardless of the number of years that this stroller will last, the seat liner can be as clean as new depending on how you maintain it Regular cleaning of the seat liner will leave it without stains and smell that is otherwise expected if it goes for long without cleaning.

The seat liner is pure mesh, which breathes well and is, therefore, comfy for the little ones. It also offers the kind of cushion that is comfortable to relax in when cleaned as expected, you will be comfortable moving with the stroller in public without the fear of ridicule from onlookers.

A large seat

The seat may appear narrow from the top but it gets wider as you move closer to the bottom, roomy enough to accommodate your little one without squeezing him or her It is 13 inches wide from one side to the next, with a seat back that is 20 inches tall. Considering the fact that this rear seat is meant for children aged 3 months and above, it is indeed a good size that leaves enough room to accommodate the children as they grow. 

The seat also features two recline positions where one serves an active mode while the other takes care of the resting mode. Whether the child is playful or reserved, therefore, this is the stroller that takes care of all their early personalities.

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  • It works well on several types of terrain such as snow, walkways, paths and even grass.
  • It is fitted with highly flexible handles that can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • You can buy a separate second seat so that it functions as a double inline stroller.
  • It has a quick folding frame, which means that it can be folded using just one hand.
  • It is a lightweight stroller that can be moved with ease from one seat to the next and besides, it can fit in any trunk.
  • Made with durable, mesh seat and shoulder pads, it offers comfort and style to the little ones.


  • Sometimes the canopy is annoying, especially when you are using the stroller in areas with a lot of sunshine. This perhaps explains why they give a separate canopy extension to make up for the shortcoming.

Features at a Glance

  • Are looking for a rugged
  • All-terrain stroller
  • Want a stroller
  • High-end suspension
  • Like an adjustable handlebar
  • Want pneumatic tires
  • Front Wheel Suspension
  • All-in-One
  • Style & Comfort
  • Waterproof Shopping Bag

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 30 x 41.8 inches.
  • Item Weight: 31.2 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 31.2 pounds.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 40 Pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 100 Pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the least age requirement for a child to sit in the stroller?

A: The child should be at least three months old in order to use the main seat in the stroller.

Q: How do I get the rear seat?

A: The rear seat is an additional purchase which does not come with the stroller; you have to buy it separately.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned shopper, functionality is the first thing that you should watch out for when buying a stroller. Remember, it may be simple but it carries the safety of your loved one Every parent and caregiver would wish to go for a stroller that offers convenience, comfort and safety for their child.

Budget notwithstanding, sometimes it is reasonable to spend a little more on a stroller that will serve you for long. This is why Joovy has offered the TooFold stroller, one that combines style with function and form. It is built with one of the most attractive frames you will ever come across, which gives you the confidence to use the stroller, especially in public.

Versatility is maintained by inclusions such as swivel wheels and mudguards, all of which allow you to use the stroller on several types of terrain. Comfort, on the other hand, is assured with the help of features such as a roomy seat and a padded seat liner which also protects the child. Asa user, the handle is also padded, which offers you comfort when using the stroller. Versatility is never left out of the question, thanks to inclusions such as the waterproof shopping bag, the separate rear seat, and adjustable handles. With the waterproof shopping bag and basket, you can carry all you want from the grocery store without the need for extra bags.

When buying this stroller, however, be sure to make a purchase from trusted retailers such as Amazon where credibility cannot be questioned. In a world where people strive to make wealth, by all means, you cannot miss a number of counterfeit strollers. That said; always remember that this stroller will offer value for the much that you spend as long as you maintain it as expected. if you have ever doubted strollers on the other hand, perhaps you should understand that such a model is a sure proof that superior models indeed do exist.

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