Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Are you a parent of twins, in the market for a double, and looking for light, maneuverable and reliable? The Maclaren Twin Triumph double stroller is perfect for you. I’m a professional caregiver and currently looking after these adorable 20 months old twins. I’ve used different strollers in my profession, but I had never used a Maclaren before.

Parents of most of the children I look after usually go for the high-end expensive strollers for their premium features. But these are usually wieldy and massive – compromising on maneuverability of the stroller. These are rather comfortable for the children, but after a long ride you feel fatigued from pushing a heavy stroller.

The Maclaren really impressed me. It’s lightweight and compact, easy to fold and comfortable both for passenger and driver. It’s an adorable stroller. And, when I asked the couple how much they got this stroller for I was amazed at the low price range they gave me.

Having used the Maclaren twin triumph for some time, I decided to write a review to let parents of twins out there know what this stroller is capable of. I know you have that wieldy high-end double already. You don’t want to lose that! You can have this stroller as a second buggy. The low price range allows for that.

Features of the Maclaren Twin Triumph

Everything about this pram is lovable. I love that it offers great value for less. It does not feature some of the luxurious specs you find in expensive Strollers. But it offers pretty much everything you will need in a double. It’s compact and small sized to fit easily through standard size doorways; makes it ideal for shopping. It’s light and maneuvers well; makes it perfect for adventures. It’s the stroller for you. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll love about this stroller.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review
Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller is perhaps the lightest you will ever find in the market. For a Double Stroller, it sure is very light. Considering that you will be pushing two weighty toddlers around in the pram; its lightness is certainly a big bonus.

Having a light stroller also means that it’s fairly easy to lift and transport. In times when you have to fold the stroller to either store away or lift in the car trunk, you will come to appreciate a Lightweight Stroller. The Maclaren is also compact.

It doesn’t take up much space in the car trunk, and it’s great for indoor storing. Maneuvering with your Maclaren feels great. It pushes as if gliding in air. It’s small sized, so you are sure it will fit through narrow doorways. The wheels are 6 pairs, lockable swivel for easy turning and smooth rolling over different terrains.

Impressive Fold Performance

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

There comes a time when you have to load your stroller in the car trunk, or carry it up the stairs to your apartment. Then, you just have to fold the buggy. A buggy that folds and unfolds easily is great. That it comes in a compact size is an appreciated bonus.

That it’s lightweight for easy transporting, makes it the more perfect! Such is the Maclaren Twin Triumph. Maclaren Twin Triumph buggy feature a unique folding mechanism that is absolutely great.

It’s very simple. Folding is quick and easy. This buggy can be folded using only one hand. This means you can carry your toddler in one arm and fold the buggy using the other hand. It’s light and compact, so transporting and storing isn’t a biggie for this buggy.

Comfortable Reclining Seats

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Comfort is at the heart of the design of this buggy. The seats are nicely padded for passenger comfort. It features secure harness for safety, and are also padded for additional comfort.

Seats recline independently of each other making them perfect for use with twins of children of different ages – not far apart. The multi-position reclines on the seats make for a relaxed ride for the kids.

The thing I love about this buggy is that you can have a baby next to a toddler – one can be sleeping in a fully reclined position while the other is sited up. Both are relaxed and enjoy the ride.

Padded Ergonomic Handles

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

The Maclaren is a comfortable stroller to be pushing. Its handles are not central handles. It features two uniquely designed handles on each side, ergonomic for an enhanced pushing experience and nicely padded for comfortable grip.

The handles are ergonomically angled to make pushing comfortable. Longer strolls will not fatigue the hand. The angle on the handles is easy on the wrist not to strain it when pushing. The height is perfect for parents of different heights.

This makes pushing the stroller a breeze. And its wheels roll really well even on difficult terrain; enhancing the pushing experience the more. Paddings on the handles are easy on your palms to ensure a comfortable feel all the way of the stroller.

Adequate Storage

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Frankly, the storage options for Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller are limited. At first I was not impressed by the lack of storage space. I always wanted to carry more wherever I would go for a stroll. I thought I needed all these thing! I was wrong.

When I got over the fact that storage is economical, I learnt to carry less – just enough to cover the Walk or adventure. It amazed me how much you can carry…even when you are carrying less with this stroller.

The Maclaren decidedly offers less storage, but you come to appreciate it for that. First, this makes the buggy light; hence improving its maneuverability and push performance. Second, you learn to carry less even for a long distance stroll…sort of like being in a class of economics.

Separate Hood Over Each Seat

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

The Maclaren comes with separate hoods over each seat. These are great for covering the kids against the sun…though it will not perform well to protect the little ones from other elements like the wind and rain. For this purpose, a rain cover is included!

The rain cover offers great protection against the strong winds and from the rain. It’s nice and easy to fix. It clips over both seats simultaneously and stays secure once folded. The fabric used is quality waterproof material and is durable and reliable.

Maclaren Twin Triumph – Video


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Impressive fold mechanism.
  • Agile and great maneuverability.
  • Fits through standard size doors.
  • Seats have a multi-position recline for relaxed riding.
  • Waterproof, individual hoods over each seat.
  • Weather cover offered.
  • Durable, washable fabric.
  • Padded ergonomically angled handles.
  • Storage is offered.


  • No premium features.

Features at a Glance

  • One-Hand Folding, Padded Seat.
  • Select a Color: Black/Charcoal & Denim Indigo.
  • Safety and Adjustable Harness.
  • Multiple Compartments, Canopy.
  • Locking and Front Swivel Wheels.
  • Folds for Storage.
  • Folds Up for Easy Transport.
  • Ergonomic and Comfort-grip Handle.
  • 2 Canopies, Buckle Closure.
  • Handle for Carrying When Folded.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 24 x 41.1 inches.
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 33.7 pounds.
  • Material Type: Lead Free.
  • Material_composition: Lead Free.
  • ASIN: B00E8OT276.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this buggy weigh? And have is the maximum carrying capacity?

A: The Maclaren is probably the lightest double stroller you will come across. It weighs in at 10 kgs/23lbs. It can carry up to 100lbs. impressive.

Q: How does the stroller perform on gravel and sand?

A: The stroller hold ups fine on any terrain. However, it gets more difficult to push on rougher surfaces. Gravel, sand, and roots are not the best places to roll this stroller. Though, the stroller holds up fine, there is a bit of struggling on your part.

Final Verdict

I recommend this buggy for the modern families living in the urban, parents with twins and caregivers of multiple children – baby and toddler. It’s perfect for parents who frequently use the car, families that frequent the shopping centers and going to the doctors’ appointments.

The Maclaren has served me well. I can confidently say that it’s a great value pushchair; compact and easy to maneuver with. It lacks the high-end features found on its sibling, Twin Techno, but it’s the lighter of the two. And it dies the job. It’s the perfect choice if you wish to go lightweight.

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