Newborn Baby Care: Complete Guideline For Mothers

Life, they say, is such a fragile gift. The truth of this statement is perfectly exemplified in new-born babies. When babies are born, they transition from an environment that is exceptionally comfortable to an environment that is fundamentally unfavorable to them. Consequently, the babies' bodies need to adjust as they continue to get accustomed to these conditions. In the course of this adjustment, babies require a lot of care and attention. This care traverses many aspects of the babies' lives such as feeding, bathing, sleeping, skin care and general handling.

In this respect, it is prudent to know the stages of development that your baby undergoes since the type of care needed by baby changes as he goes through the various stages of development. Children need the most special attention between the time of birth and when they attain 28 days; at this stage, they are referred to as Neonate. Subsequently, their needs change when they attain 1 year; at this stage, they are referred to as infants.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Newborn: Baby Care, Feeding and Development

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Mother feed cute little boy with bottle with formula milk

How to Breastfeed the baby

Feeding is one of the most indispensable aspects of new-born baby care and it needs to kick off within a period between two and three hours of birth. The essence of this is that within this period, the breast milk produced by the mother contains the requisite nutrients to revamp the baby's immunity.

Breastfeeding may not be a walk in the park for the baby during the preliminary stages as the baby has not gotten used to sucking. For this reason, it is important for the mother to know which position suits her baby best by practicing different positions of breastfeeding. At this stage, it is incumbent upon the mother to place the baby's mouth upon the breast in order to enable the baby to start sucking.

Within the first few days, the baby needs to be fed at least 10 times in a day. It is therefore salient for the mother to know that when the baby is hungry, he begins to cry. Consequently, the mother is advised to feed the baby whenever the baby indicates that he needs to be fed. This practice is vital since it enables the baby put on weight and stay healthy during this period.

How to Bottle-Feed the baby

For a myriad of reasons, a mother may not be able to breastfeed her baby and may be forced to resort to bottle-feeding. However, this should not be an impediment to the baby's healthy living. Mothers who use the bottle-feeding method are often advised to be extra-cautious because this method is fundamentally different from breastfeeding.

One factor that distinguishes this method of feeding on breastfeeding is that unlike breast milk that is self-regulated, Bottle milk is never regulated. Consequently, the mother has to observe the baby closely as he feeds from the bottle. Moreover, the steady flow of breast milk is more often than not absent in bottle milk. With regard to this fact, the mother is obliged to tilt the bottle slightly to keep the flow constant.

The vigilance of the mother during bottle-feeding does not just stop there; the mother must also ensure that the nipple of the bottles commensurate with the baby's mouth. An overly large nipple may make it cumbersome for the baby to suck and may greatly reduce the quantum of milk that he takes. Ultimately, this may pose awful ramifications that include weight loss and deficiency diseases.

As the baby approaches and finally attains 6 months, his body changes radically in terms of both physique and nutritional requirements. It, therefore, follows that milk only cannot wholly satisfy the nutritional needs of the baby. The mother must then incorporate other foods into the baby's diet. To achieve this end, the mother must begin with semi-solid food before the baby gradually gets used to solid foods. Solid foods are not only vital for proffering energy but are also important for the baby's physical health as they bolster his muscles. Exclusively breast feeding your baby is quite important.

Development of a New-born

For the baby to have an impeccable process of growth and development, the parent must take meticulous care of many aspects of the baby's life. Some noteworthy aspects of the baby's development include sleeping and handling.


Not only is sleep important for developing the baby's body but it is also important for the development of his brain. For this reason, newborns tend to sleep for periods as long as 12 hours. The baby's sleep patterns may begin changing after 8 weeks and the baby may tend to sleep for a long time during the night but hardly sleeps during the day. Despite this tendency, the mother must always awaken the baby at given intervals in order to feed him.

The mother must always ensure that she inculcates a good sleeping habit into the baby in order to enhance growth and development; such that the baby sleeps at night and stays awake during the day. A perfect way of doing this is by enabling your baby know the distinction between day and night. The mother needs to ensure that the baby gets the daylight during the day as keeping him in the dark may facilitate the secretion of the sleep hormone that would automatically induce sleep. This is quite important to note.

General Handling

Handling a baby plays an important role in the development of the child and for this reason, the mother should take tremendous precautions when handling the baby. The mother needs to hold the baby firmly in order avoid falls. Moreover, for the general comfort of the baby, the mother or whoever holds the baby must always support the baby's head with her hands or by letting the baby's head rest upon her chest. The baby must also be supported from the bottom in order to prevent fatigue. Baby's should always be handled with care as they are very fragile.

In conclusion, the general measures of new-born baby care may be overwhelming, but it is totally worth it. Babies need to be taken care of and given meticulous attention in order to give them a happy childhood and make them the perspective of a fruitful adulthood.

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