Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Are you looking for a quality, durable and reliable double that will perform well as a stroller and a jogger? I too had a whole list of desirable features I was looking for in a double. It took me long to find a great stroller that would suit my needs. I am a mother of two; and I wanted the best for my kids.

So I did lots of research on a number of good quality strollers, but choosing one was just hard. The sheer number of available stroller simply makes it impossible to choose one. When I came across the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller, I took to it instantly. I was looking for something a little lighter…but I reckon I’d never find one that was as close to offering all that I wanted as the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel was.

I know how daunting it is finding the best stroller. That is why I decided to write This Review of the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel – a sum of my experience with the stroller and the things I love about it. This should help you know everything you need to know about this stroller. It’s perfect for me. I’m sure you’ll find it’s what you are looking for.

Features of the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller

Perfect for the outdoors, this stroller comes with plenty of features for the outdoor parents. From maneuverability features, storage options, and sun cover to comfortable reclining seats and an adjustable handlebar. Everything about this stroller is amazing. Here’s a peek at some of its outstanding features:

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

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Compact, Lightweight, Excellent Maneuverability

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Everybody’s looking for a stroller that’s relatively lightweight and easy to fold. Finding one that will be compact would be a plus. Even so, these kinds of strollers are hard to come by. For a single stroller, it’s easy…not for a double stroller.

Be that as it may, this buggy does deliver on these points! It is amazingly lightweight and rides smoothly over bumpy sidewalks and grass. It’s a wonderful double buggy – one of the lightest there is. You’ll love the experience when pushing and lifting. It never ceases to amaze me that I can actually push this double buggy with one hand.

It weighs in at 32lbs. Not a bad mark for a double buggy…but it’s still lighter for a double. It can actually be used as a jogger! However, there is a disclaimer that warns against. I’ve tried taking it for a jog – the kids loved it, I enjoyed.

Quick Fold Patented Technology

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Compact. Foldable. Lightweight. Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel buggy is simply amazing in every sense. I love that it assumes a more compact form when folded. I reckon most doubles would not provide this folding performance.

The Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel patented quick fold Technology used makes folding a breeze. You can actually fold this stroller using one hand. This one time, I held my baby in one hand and folded the buggy using the free hand. It wasn’t any difficult.

The auto lock isn’t decidedly simple, but it works fine for me. There is a learning curve to it. This Tike Tech Double becomes very flat and compact when folded. The wheels can be taken off to enhance the compactness…I really take them off. The buggy just fits in my husband’s Honda without taking up much of the trunk space.

Everything Adjustable!

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

I am 5’6”. My husband is taller at 6’2”. Needless to say an adjustable handlebar was a necessity for us. Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel buggy offered just that. The handle bar is adjustable to accommodate our height difference.

My husband can actually push the stroller without having hunch over, and I can comfortably reach it for an easy stroll. The handle bar is padded for comfort. Brakes are conveniently located on the bar for easy tap-on, tap-off parking. It’s the perfect stroller for the city streets.

The handle bar is not the only thing adjustable. The stroller features two large sun canopies that can adjust individually. I love these multi-position sun shades for their ability to completely cover the whole seat. They can be adjusted so the kids can view the outside. There is a peek-a-boo window that lets you see the kids in the seats.

Front Wheel Suspension and Lockable Swivel

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Having a stroller that’s fit for turning around the neighborhood simply isn’t any fun! You need to be able to go far and about with your kids comfortably tucked in the stroller. You want something that can actually handle any terrain…that can go for longer strolls without tiring you.

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel buggy features 8.5” forever-air-tires that ensure a comfortable and smooth ride over any terrain. I love how I can come from a gravel surface and easily get onto the grass and later on to the flats. The performance is simply incredible.

The front wheel suspension with a lockable swivel makes longer rides easy on the push. The stroller just glides as if in the air. I must say this stroller is perfect for urban dwellers.

Comfortable Reclining Seats

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Comfort is at the top of this strollers build. My kids are always looking forward to their time in the stroller. I would always take them to the park or the city garden for an evening stroll, and you can tell they look forward to it.

The seats are nicely padded for comfort. It’s gentle on their soft bodies. The reclining performance is incredible. They can actually recline to a near-flat position. My little girl loves this position.

She’s always relaxed when her seat is reclines that way. My boy likes it when he’s sited up. He’s quite the fidgety one, and would always lean forward…I got the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel stroller belly bar for this reason. Now, he has something to hold on to.

Compatibility for Accessorizing

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Review

Not that Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel buggy is not sufficient enough with what it offers, I simply love to get the most out of everything. This stroller really does have more potential that what you get when you buy it. Since purchasing, I have bought over five accessories.

I love how they enhanced my stroller, improved the kids comfort, and improved my experience with the stroller. The stroller is compatible with most Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller Accessories. Almost every accessory I got was easy to install and durable at that.

I particularly loved the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel stroller belly bar. I would hang dollies and toys for my girl. My boy had somewhere to hold on to whenever he would lean forward. The bar is adjustable and came with a soft padding for a comfortable grip. You can try this accessory; it truly transforms your Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel.

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller – Video


  • Compact and lightweight for a double.
  • Easy one-hand fold.
  • Handlebar I adjustable; padded for comfort.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Sun shade completely covers the seat area.
  • Plenty of storage space offered.
  • Wheels suspension makes for easy riding.
  • Durable, quality fabric and frame.
  • Compatible with most Tike Tech accessories.
  • Seats recline for comfort; padded and have a 5-point harness for safety.


  • The universal car seat is far from the parent; you have to get a belly bar and fit the car seat adaptor to be able to enjoy adjust ability and close proximity to the infant car seat.

Features at a Glance

  • Ergonomic Handle.
  • Padded Seat.
  • Select a Color: Alpine Red, Autumn Orange, Classic Black & Pacific Blue.
  • Front Swivel Wheels.
  • Folds Up for Easy Transport.
  • Adjustable Harness.
  • 5-point Harness.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 47.5 x 30 x 41 inches.
  • Item Weight: 36 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 42.6 pounds.
  • Item model number: TT-3011.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 8 Pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 95 Pounds.
  • Additional product features: Canopy.
  • Display type: Forward-Facing.
  • ASIN: B0026L7D0G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this stroller perform as a jogger?

A: It’s a little on the heavy, but it features lockable swivel wheels that glide smoothly. This should make for a perfect jog.

Q: How much does the stroller weigh? Is it heavy to lift in and out of the car trunk?

A: The stroller weighs at 32lbs; the right weight for a double – I’d say. As for lifting to the car trunk, it depends on you.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a double that’s sturdy, maneuverable and reliable, then the Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel is the perfect choice. It has served me well, and I like the quality it offers. I recommend it for parents with multiple children and caregivers as well.

It’s a stroller and a jogger for you sportive parents. I simply love its performance in terms of riding, comfort, safety and fold ability. Its price range is fair enough. You won’t regret having this as your first or second stroller.

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