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Preparing for a new baby is a big deal. Along with diapers and bottles, you will most definitely need a definitive way of transporting your child easily and safely while you are out of the house. It is not practical to assume that you will always be either carrying your child in your arms or using their car seat to move them from place to place. Frankly, your arms will get tired from doing both for extended periods of time. So, what is the solution? What you need is a top baby stroller and you need one fast!

There are dozens of baby strollers on the market today. Yet, choosing the right one for your needs takes more consideration than price alone. Although models that are more expensive are often made of lighter weight aluminum (making them easier to lift) and higher-grade fabrics, price does not always mean better quality. Consumer Reports' tests have proven that many economical strollers perform as well, if not better, than those costing hundreds of dollars.

Baby Stroller Comparison:

Top 10 Baby Stroller in 2020

For this reason, it is always good to know which brands offer the top product. This is because, there are a lot of companies out there that make this commodity but not all of them serve the purpose to their top. Below are three of the top brands out there to choose from:

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

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This is the best double stroller that offers comfortable adventures for your kids. The DuoGlider Click stroller has all the basic essentials that you may need for your young and growing family. It has perfectly designed stadium stylish seats with the rear seat raised than the front one thus giving your rear child a greater viewing experience.

Both seats are fitted with adjustable canopies and footrests for extra comfort of your children. With the ability to fold by using just one hand, a large storage basket, and an extra tray for the parents, this is the top baby stroller you can move around with during outdoor experiences. The seats of this Graco Double Stroller have a stadium style seating which offers a greater viewing experience for rear child, unlike many other strollers.

This is one of the most charming features accorded to this product, which enhances the better learning experience for both kids simultaneously. The two seats have reclining positions, which you can use to increase the kids’ extra comfort. The rear seat of this duo glider has the ability to be adjusted to a flat reclining position thus increasing your baby’s comfort. The two seats are fitted with canopies that protect your kids from direct sunlight and other elements that may harm your kids. Besides, they have easily adjustable footrests for increasing the comfort and experience of your kids more especially when they are sleeping as you stroll around.

The wheels of this product have a lockable feature and modern suspension system. It has a perfect engineering design, which offers a superb maneuvering experience across all terrains. In addition to these, it is ultra portable, lightweight and easy to move around with more especially when you are traveling. This Graco Duoglider is equipped with an easily accessible storage space for keeping all your babies’ essentials, your cup holder that for the kids. It has a three point harnessing snug fit and its two seats can fit easily onto the car infant seat adapters.

Features at a Glance

  • Holds two children up to 40 pounds each.
  • Stadium-style seating.
  • Both seats recline.
  • Lockable front swivel wheels.
  • One-hand, self-standing fold with latch.
  • Convenient storage basket along with child and parent trays.
  • Suitable for children up to 50 pounds.
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

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The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller is the top baby stroller ideal for parents who are still thinking of getting more children. It has this unique telescoping frame, which expands from single to full size double stroller easily. When you have two children, you can be able to extend the stroller thus providing enough room for your older children to sit on the rear bench seat. Single stroller or a shorter best double stroller its frame could be pulled to a compact size which measure 43.5 inches long.

The Caboose Ultralight offers multiple configurations, where the car adapter can be placed on the front or rear of the stroller. The standing stage allows older children to hop on or off easily. Other features include 5-point harness and an extra-large storage bag adds a swing away tray with a hand fold.

Tandem strolling is ideal for older children as they love the fun of choosing to sit on the bench seat or ride on the stand and hop on the platform.

The wheels are the most important factor to look at when looking for a stroller because they affect the way it moves. Like stake boards and roller blades, this caboose very light uses same know-how with the highest-grade sealed bearing wheels.

Its tiny workhorses are made to reduce friction and support heavy children. The sealed bearing cost more but they offer the smoothest journey and making pushing easier. Caboose Ultralight has a large canopy with sun visor for more protection; its swing away tray enables it to be accessible from either side and easy removal and access to storage basket, which accommodates much of the gear.

The basket can be folded down which exposes the stand on the platform for rear rider. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller weighs 33.95 pounds and when it is fully stretched, it measures 49.75 inches in length. It is JPMA certified and one of the strollers and you can recommend it to friends.

Features at a Glance

  • Extra Large Storage, Rain cover.
  • Optional Car Seat Adapters “Click In” Front or Back.
  • Signature Canopy and Sun Visor.
  • Swing-Away Tray, Modern Design.
  • One-Handed Standing Fold.
  • Parent organizer and cup holders.
  • Car seat adapters, Sold separately.
Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Kit with Silver Frame

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This is the stroller that has a fully customizable stroller system. It has won many awards for its articulate design and features. This Baby Jogger City Select is fitted with a single line silver frame for the stroller thus making it the best double stroller for your kids. The city select second kit comes with a complete sized seat and some stylish silver bracket adaptors. The seats of the city select are easily adjustable irrespective of the direction in which they are facing thus making this model the top baby stroller.

Besides these, the stroller system is designed with a unique style such that it starts with just one stroller and then expands with the use of conversational kits to a double seat stroller. Other than the single configuration, you can be able to adjust and build your city select second seat kit to over 16 varied configurations by using its seats, car seats, and bassinets.

This best double stroller can support your children up to 45lbs. This helps save the cost of buying Strollers Now and again as it can serve your kids from 6 months up to five years. Its safety features are harnessed by a 5-pointsafety feature with additional buckle covers and shoulder pads for extra protection of your kids.

The seats have a reclining feature that is easily adjustable to both directions. The city selects multi-positioning canopy offers great protection for your kids against direct sunlight while its peek a boo stylish windows enhances your kids’ surveillance. Its head height and foot well for shorter legs are also easily adjustable.

The city select second seat kit’s seats can be washed using cold water with washing machines. Once you purchase the product. The city selects multiple configurations makes it the top baby stroller that can be remodeled into different styles thus fitting your stylish designs and increasing your convenience.

Features at a Glance

  • Imported, Seat is reversible.
  • Nylon, Storage included on the seat back.
  • Polyester, Foot well, and canopy adjust to grow with your baby.
  • Multiple recline positions no matter which direction the seat is facing.
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Portable.
  • Canopy, Compact Fold.
  • One-Handed Standing Fold.
Combi Twin Cosmo Stroller

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The Combi Twin Cosmo is the double stroller that is a compact, self-standing, portable and side-by-side stroller. The “quick-fold” mechanism makes folding, packing and carrying of this stroller a clinch. Their deluxe and padded seats feature a multi-position recline with a totally lay-flat location and infant safety boots.

This stroller comes with three and 5-point harnesses depending on the size of the passenger and can be used together with the Combi shuffle infant car seat. It folds in three steps by first bending it over, then folds in half for a more compact final product for carrying or for storing. This top baby stroller comes with a shoulder strap to carry the folded stroller. You should buy this stroller as it comes with removable, washable seat pads. Each seat has a removable, padded guardrail, which features a cup holder and a snack tray.

Inclusive is also the fully extended canopies that offer protection from the sun, rain, and weather with openings and peek-a-boo windows for you to keep an eye on your kids while you are on the move. The extended canopies have easy to access storage compartments, which are important for storage of cell phones, wipes, toys and snacks for your kids.

The lockable, front swivel wheels and the larger rear wheels provide a smooth journey and perfect manoeuvrability. The Combi Twin Cosmo Stroller is best to double stroller for you, it has a parent cup holder and its extra-large basket offers convenient storage of essential items. The cup holder can hold a Sippy cup or a water bottle relatively easily.

It takes larger bumps before the items showed the possibility of tumbling out. It also encompasses a built-in carry strap that keeps your hands free while you are strolling with your Twin Cosmo on the go. Above all, it is compatible with one combi shuttle infant Car Seat to make a complete travel system. This stroller offers lockable, front swivel wheels and large rear wheels and is one of the best double strollers.

Features at a Glance

  • Compact, self-standing fold.
  • Padded, multi-position reclining seats.
  • Lay-flat seating with infant safety boots.
  • Removable, washable seat pads.
  • Extended canopies with storage pockets.
Inglesina USA Twin Swift Stroller

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The Inglesina twin swift stroller is one of the stroller available in the market in recent times. It is nourished with lovable features which improve its safety, storage and strolling. Further, the twin soft is enhanced with safety harnessing features, backrest positions, ergonomic handles and executive front swivel wheels. With the twin soft stroller, your kids will enjoy the ride with extra comfort, convenience and increased safety that is furthered by backrests and easily adjustable hoods.

The Inglesina twin soft stroller is considered lightweight, compact and an easily foldable design. It has all the luxury with enhanced high tech features than any other stroller. In fact, it is one of the top baby stroller with advanced features. The twin soft is fitted with executive ergonomic soft touching handles and a reduced bulk with an umbrella folding system. Its three handles are made of soft ergonomic touches.

While some double strollers are wide such that you are forced to stretch arms to reach the handles, the twin soft stroller’s outer handles are positioned perfectly in comfortable distance from each other thus making it easy to handle and use. The middle handle can be used to balance the weight of the stroller when you have one kid in the stroller.

The swivel front wheels of the twin soft are equipped with locking and unlocking systems which positions automatically once they are unlocked. The wheels are furthered by a shock absorption features ready to maneuver all day terrain and weather experiences. The backrest reclined in four positions and have adjustable 5 point safety harnessing features to enable your sibling to sleep comfortably thus setting you free to look around. Its double height position is easily adjustable to enable your child’s growth.

When it comes to storage feature, the twin soft stroller is equipped with a large spacious storage pocket for storing children’s essential. It also has an additional hood flap and a safety hook to avoid accidental opening of the stroller once it is stored.

Features at a Glance

  • Umbrella folding system with reduced bulk.
  • Ergonomic soft touch handles.
  • Backrest reclining in 4 positions.
  • Adjustable hood equipped with large storage pocket.
  • Spacious storage baskets, approved up to 6.6lbs.
  • Hood equipped with additional hood flap.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Stroller

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When buying a top baby stroller, make sure that the one you are buying is safe and sturdy. The top way to test this is buy first looking at the stroller manufacturer's guide. What is the stroller's frame made out of? Always look for one that has a durable, all aluminum based frame. Next, look at the wheels. Again, what material are they made out of and how large are they?

Basically, the tougher and sturdier the wheels seem the better. A baby stroller is an investment and you want one that can sustain any type of terrain or surface that you might travel on. Whether you are shopping at the mall or going off road at the local park, that stroller needs to hold up!

Safety Features

This is probably one of the most important things to consider when buying a new top baby stroller for your child. Look for one that has features such as a strong, anti-lock brake feature, durable child built-in safety harnesses, a no-pinch risk to either child or adult fingers whenever the stroller is broken down and stored, that the stroller itself doesn't tip or wobble, and that there are no small pieces or choking hazards.

Accessories and Bonus Features

Every stroller will come with at least one accessory in order to temp you to buy. Accessories should be viewed as a "bonus" to your overall purchase, not the reason why you choose a specific model over another. If a stroller is not safe then it does not matter that it comes with a child's cup holder.

You may not realize that most baby stroller accessories are universal, meaning that you can purchase them separately and they will most likely fit your top baby stroller perfectly. However, if a particular stroller meets all of your other requirements and comes with a cool bonus feature, then go for it!

Comfort and Dependability

Let's face it, baby strollers can be expensive. They can cost anywhere for 75-1000 dollars depending on the brand. If you are going to invest a lot of money into your purchase, then you most definitely need to get the most bang for your buck. When shopping for your stroller, look for things revolving around you and your child's overall comfort level. Is the seat cushion soft and made from a durable fabric? Is the fabric machine washable?

Does the seat have multiple reclining positions so that your baby can be either sitting straight up or laying down during nap time? Also look for things like adjustable height and handle length for you or a taller spouse, whether it is easily fold-able for quick storage and whether or not it comes.


If you choose an ugly baby stroller than you will be less likely to want to use it and show it off to your friends and neighbors. So, when buying a top baby stroller, go for a cute one!

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Final Verdict

It is always good to note that whichever brand that you prefer, you are sure to find a stroller that's right for you. Just ensure to take the time to make sure you have the top possible stroller for your child and your lifestyle; after all, you will be spending a lot of your time over the next few years behind the handlebars.

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